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Glenn ……. October 21, 2010

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Sends me an awesome e-mail (of course, flattering the hell out of me).  Never realized I was such a sucker for empty compliments.  Anyway, I read his profile and in addition to having an amazing smile, we seem to have a lot in common and he sounds like a great guy!  We talk on the phone & decide to meet up (i would much rather just bite the bullet and meet than waste time exchanging e mails and phone calls). 

He’s cute, great smile, in great shape and funny!  He’s only my height, but what the hell, right?  We laugh, we share stories, we have an all around pretty great time.  After a couple of hours, he walks me to my car and I am actually not quite sure how to read him.  He says ‘well, here’s the awkward goodnight part’ and sort of moves in for a kiss.  Okay, fine, I like to kiss, so bring it on.  Oh hell ~ he’s an amazing kisser! Now I’m in trouble.  Anyway, we kiss for a while, laugh some more and he asks if I want to go out again on Friday.  I tell him that I can’t on Friday, but I’d love to on Saturday.  He says great!  He calls me the next day, tells me what a good time he had with me the night before, we chat for a bit, he says he’s looking forward to Saturday.

All’s good, right?  Huh, I may have found a good one.  Here it is Saturday morning and I’m at work …… I receive a text from Glenn and of course, automatically smile, right?  Then I read the text ………… ‘Hi, I hate to do this, but I met a wonderful woman last night so need to cancel our date’ …………. REALLY?!?!?!?

I was supposed to go out with him Friday! I guess the fact that I couldn’t make it, gave him the opening to fill that little gap in his schedule.  Boo ………. nice to know I’m so easily forgettable and replaceable! 

Darn it!  Oh well, onto the next ……….. 😉

*note to self – STOP kissing guys on a 1st date!*


3 Responses to “Glenn …….”

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