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Poor Jud ~ The Guy Never Stood A Chance October 22, 2010

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I met Jud at some random bar he suggested but for a change, I was good and only drank water.  Yup, I’m as surprised as you are! 😉 Our conversation pretty much consisted of me shooting questions at him all night and steering the conversation away from me and back to him whenever he’d ask me anything.  I’m really good at this game and rarely tell anyone about myself.  (shhhh, that parts a secret as most guys aren’t smart enough to figure out that I’m doing it)

He was nice and all, just no spark.  As I was sober, and he was like date #20 or so, I decided that if he asked me out again, I would go.  It’s not that I didn’t like him, it’s just that I didn’t really care. :-X God I’m a bitch.

He walks me to my car and gives me a kiss (again, totally caught off guard) and does the strangest thing.  He sort of ‘peeped’ into my car.  Like walked up to the driver’s side window, cupped his hands, and looked inside.  Uhm, what’s that all about?  I mentioned that I thought was a strange thing to do, but let it go.

Oh, and as yes, I do ‘grade’ on attire, he was wearing shorts, an untucked polo style shirt & fairly ugly sandal looking things.

The next time I see him (which was a week later as I told him I was busy every night until then – big lie), he picked a wonderful little place downtown with great charm & character.  Tiny little twinkle lights in the garden and just a great little atmosphere.  I show up in a great short dress & killer shoes and he is wearing shorts, an untucked polo style shirt & fairly ugly sandal looking things ~ Again!  Hmmm, I’m feeling a little overdressed, but damn I looked good.

Of course I steered the conversation once again so he was doing most of the talking but threw in a few inane tidbits about myself every now and again.  He kept saying things like ‘next time we come here we’ll have to sit outside’ and ‘we’ll have to visit Boise since you like it so much’.   Huh, interesting.  Anywhoo, towards the end of dinner he brings up some random ex and gets this totally melancholy look in his eyes when talking about her!  Uhm, okay.  Of course, I have to ask that if she were to show up and tell him she wanted him back, would he go out with here again.  Again with the wistful look in his eyes.  Well that pretty much put an end to the evening. 😉 He walks me to my car and I’m still wondering if I should go out with him again and, more importantly why I should go out with him again.  He asks, I agree ~ eh, whatever, I didn’t have anything better to do that next weekend. Oh and yeah, I lied again and told him I didn’t have any availability ’til the next weekend (why do i do this?  who knows, it entertains me though)

He texts me on the way home ‘just because I reminisce about the good times I once had with (whatever her name was), doesn’t mean I want her back’ …….. uh, okay, I never said anything about that.  He proceeds to e-mail me the next day letting me know that he really likes me, but that I make him nervous and intimidate him.  Moi?  He also throws in the fact that he feels he always does most of the talking (duh) and knows very little about me and he thinks I’m secretive.  Uh oh, now you’ve gone and done it.  Not only have you told me that you like me, but you’ve also called me secretive.  We all know poor Jud isn’t long for this world of Me.

We exchange some boring e mails the following week (huh, is it bad that I never actually think about Jud or get excited about seeing him?) and make plans for Saturday.  We meet up and have a fairly awkward dinner where he proceeds to once again call me secretive, tell me that I seem to not have time for him, and that he just doesn’t see where he ‘fits’ in my life.  Uhm, ewwwww, this is date #3.  I’m also wondering why, if he likes me, is he ‘poking the bear’?  Anyone that knows me realizes that I don’t enjoy being called out on things.  Anyway, the evening sort of drags on and he walks me to my car.  We kiss for a while (is it bad that the whole time I’m formulating shopping lists, lists of errands I need to run, wondering what was on TV later, etc…..?).  So by the time he decides to notice that I’m not really into what’s going on, I had already decided that this was Jud’s last date with me.

Poor guy actually liked me, I think.  I felt a little bad about my decision but decided that I didn’t want to go out with someone just because …… right before he walks away, he cups his hands and PEEPS INTO MY CAR!  WTF?!?!? Okay, I no longer feel bad about my decision ……….. oh and guess what he was wearing?  Yup, his standard uniform!

He wasn’t a bad guy, but sorta bored me :-X and really? dress like a slob all 3 times? boo


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