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Another Guy Who’s Name I Can’t Remember October 24, 2010

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So his pictures were a little iffy as was his profile, but I think this was towards the beginning of my forray into online dating, so I figured what the hell.  When we spoke on the phone he was very nice, but pretty much made it clear he was absolutely looking for someone to fall for right away.  Uh, yikes.  Like 3rd date? Hmmm, maybe I better rethink this.

Anyway, he calls and comes up with the horrid idea of meeting at Chili’s for a drink.  Crap, now I have to weigh the option of sitting at home bored against going to a place I hate and leaving smelling like onion rings.  Onion rings won out.

So I walk in, wearing a cute, yet casual outfit and flats as he said he’s only 6′, so I don’t want to be taller than him.  Huh, what do you know?  I WAS taller than him!  WTH?!?!? Can you lie about anything more obvious? *sigh* Well, within about 4 seconds I decide I’m not attracted to him in the least (sorry, but it’s important) but as long as I’m there, we can talk for a bit. 

He proceeds to drone on about nothing while I look at the table, I avoid answering any questions that he asks me and basically sit there, not paying attention, but making standard acknowledgement noises to whatever topic he was boring me with.

After a bit, I apologize, tell him I’m really sorry, but that I need to go.  He gets up, gives me a big hug and tells me he had a great time (really? i pretty much ignored him the whole time) and do I want to go out again.

Guess what my answer was?

I should have just stayed home ………… I can’t stand liars …………

* OMG< I just remembered his name …….. Phil………. that was during my ‘P’ phase of unfortunate dates (Peter the latent homosexual, Paul the emotional retard and now Phil ………. I think that’s when I vowed to not go out with anyone else who’s name started with the letter P*


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