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Always Be Nice To Your Waiter ….. October 25, 2010

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So although this wasn’t during this round of dating fiascos, I’ll never forget the guy I went out with when I lived in Boise.  Well, of course I have long since forgotten his name, but that’s not important anyway.  He was drop dead gorgeous!  Tall, great smile, great eyes, great hair, dressed well, smart ……. you get the picture, right?  Well he takes me out to dinner and was nice as could be when he picked me up ~ good conversation in the car & there I sat, happy as a clam that I was out with such a funny, smart hottie!  Yey me!

We get to the restaurant (a nice one, btw) and walk up to the hostess stand where he proceeds to tell the hostess his name, reservation time and demands to be seated at a specific table right away.  Holy crap!  No greeting, no ‘please’, no ‘thank you’, no hint of civility.  The face of the poor hostess just fell and she nervously walked us to our table where my awesome date plops his butt down without pulling out my chair for me.  No biggie, but it would have been nice, right?

Anyway, our waiter comes over and asks us if we’d like something to drink and my hottie again is rude as hell to the poor guy.  Barks his drink order at him, complete with about 27 special instructions.  I did my best to apologize to the waiter and as politely as I could, placed my drink order.  I just gave my date a look and debated saying something but wondered if he had just had a bad day.  He continues to talk to me, as nice as can be, so I figure whatever he had up his ass regarding the hostess & waiter was gone. 

Nope, not so lucky ….. the waiter brings our drinks and takes our dinner order.  Mr. Hottie barks his dinner order in the most condescending and rude fashions I’ve ever had the misfortune of witnessing (and I managed restaurants for years!).  I, of course, proceeded to order the most expensive thing on the menu, complete with appetizer, extra side dishes and dessert.

I excuse myself from the table to use the restroom and as i’m headed back there, I am wondering what sort of person treats another human being with such rudeness?  As I’m pondering this, I opt to take a right at the back of the dining room, head out the side door and walk down to my favorite bar in the area where I had a great night with nice people!

I wonder how long he sat there before he figured out that I wasn’t coming back?  Never be rude to your waiter!


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