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Surprise, Surprise …… October 25, 2010

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Huh, this may seriously challenge my cynical jaded-ness.  Remember the “1” that I will not write about in this blog?  Remember it’s because I was the dipshit in that scenario? I really don’t want to have to make an entire post on what a nimrod I was.  Well, everyone could use it as a guideline of what NOT to do on the off chance that you do decide to actually, maybe, sort of be interested in someone.  I could title it ‘How To Lose A Guy In 7 Days’ ;-).   Words to absolutely not live by.  Anyway, it’s sort of bothered me for months now about how I acted and a whole lot of senseless ‘what ifs’ and basically assumed that he now thinks I’m a total nutcase.

Anyhow, he e mailed me today and although I know that there’s no going back or do-overs with this one and that we’re pretty much over and done with, it was nice to hear that he does not, in fact think I’m a neurotic moron. 🙂 Yey me!

LOL, see how little it takes to make me happy?  Oh, and just for the record, we had e mailed and talked on the phone for weeks before actually meeting and it totally threw me for a loop that I actually was interested in someone (did I just say that?).  I guess it’s fun to bash on all the crappy guys I’ve gone out with, but not so much to realize that I am not entirely at ease or myself when I meet someone that I might actually be interested in.  Huh, go figure 😉 Probably because it happens so rarely! 🙂


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