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Crickets Chirping and Then …….. October 27, 2010

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Not so surprisingly, I haven’t gotten a lot of e mails since I put my new and improved profile up on ‘that’ site.  However, one brave soul actually contacted me tonight.  For some reason he thinks I have a Type A personality though ~ huh? Really?  He’s obviously smart and appreciates sarcasm, so in addition to the bonus points already earned for having the guts to contact me, he actually said he loved my profile (and we know how I’m a sucker for empty compliments).

Even better ~ you know how I always joke about the perfect guy for me being one that travels extensively for work (so they can’t annoy me too much)?  This guy travels extensively for work!  He’s just racking up the points! 😉

As he’s Type A as well, I’ll keep you all posted as to how long it takes him to start annoying the crap out of me and if we ever progress past the e-mail stage.


One Response to “Crickets Chirping and Then ……..”

  1. Michelle Says:

    HMMMMMmmmmm, sounds promising!

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