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A Big Ole’ But …… October 28, 2010

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No, not a big posterior end (although I do have one of those, but that’s a post for another day) ….. but the dreaded …. but…. You know, when someone tells you how absolutely super-duper you are and then there’s a big pause at the end and you’re waiting for the ‘disclaimer’?  I think guys are notorious for this and even funnier?  I don’t think they have a clue that what they are doing is sorta shitty. huh …….

So what brought on this not so recent epiphany?  I have recently received an e-mail from someone who, in the past, has told me ‘how great’ I am and then disappeared off the face of the earth.  Well he has resurfaced to let me know that he still thinks that I’m ‘a wonderful person’ (okay, stop laughing), ‘great to spend time with’, and that he knows ‘we did have a connection’ ….. and pretty much ends it at that.  Wouldn’t one follow that up with a ‘let’s get together’, ‘let’s keep in touch’ or something to that effect?

He said he would ‘explain’ later ……… ugh, really?  So I’m waiting for the big ole’ dreaded BUT ……. but what but, is the question……..but i’m gay? but i’m married? but i have a girlfriend? but i’m actually a woman?…… JUST SAY IT ALREADY!  (but i’m not holding my breath for that to actually happen) 😉

why must ye’ of the male species be so friggin’ annoying? 😉 ……. i decide to go ahead and try letting one ‘in’ (and NO, not that ‘in’) and he perpetuates this annoying mindset ……. and that, my friends, is why I have the attitude I do towards guys …….. sometimes it’s just not worth the effort ……….


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