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Mas Cerveca Por Favor October 28, 2010

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LMAO, a guy I met for coffee about 6 months ago (I don’t think I’ve written about him…..yet) 😉 who was totally nice, totally nervous & totally intimidated by me (really, I don’t do it on purpose) just invited me to Mexico for the weekend!

Now, I didn’t go out with him again originally ’cause I could tell that he liked me and while I thought he was ‘nice’, I just didn’t want to waste his time knowing that there just weren’t any sparks for me (see? i’m not a total bitch).  He e-mailed me a few weeks ago to see if I wanted to get together and I said well, maybe, and that I’d check in with him the following week (which of course, I didn’t ~ oh crap, i guess i’m back to bitch status now, huh?)

The fact that it’s 9pm on Thursday night and he’s leaving tomorrow aside, Rocky Point?  I haven’t been there for years and would LOVE to go!  Too bad I’m leaving on vacation next week and have reserved this weekend for the ever thrilling ‘try to get everything done before you go’ chaos.

Hmmmm, sad that my affections can be bought/borrowed/leased by the offer of travel, right? 😉 …… Oh well, I told him I couldn’t go (but maybe he’ll ask me again sometime) *fingers crossed*


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