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What To Do, What To Do ….. October 29, 2010

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So as I’ve essentially guaranteed that I won’t hear from anyone off of ‘that’ website until I change my profile back to make me sound like everyone else (not happening anytime soon), I’ve been thinking of ways to be more, uh, interactive with new people.  After mentally listing off my choices and finding reasons not to do any of them, I hit upon a fabulously fruitless idea!  I’m going to volunteer at the Ironman competition being held next month in Tempe!  Yey me!  Now, while I am fully aware that the sheer narcissistic personality of almost every triathlete I’ve ever met (and had the misfortune of dating  ~ it seems to be a Phoenix thing), I realize that I could probably stand out there naked and still wouldn’t be noticed, but hey, at least the view will be good.  And who knows?  I could get paired with a cutie volunteer!

Ahhh, I’m such the philanthropist! 🙂


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