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Mark My Words November 5, 2010

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There’s something fishy about one of the guys that e-mailed me tonight.  The nerdy one with the glasses.  Yeah, uhm, he claims to have his own legal practice yet he can’t spell for shit and either he’s drunk or just stupid as I’m having a really hard time deciphering his messages to me.  As I’m completely sober (dammit), I know it’s not me ……… Oh and yes, he’s sent me his phone number already which I have declined to use (even after he said he lost his phone and my calling it would help to locate it) …………. uh, no ……..

*updated to add that he sent me another e mail the next morning apologizing and saying he gave me the wrong phone number as he was typing so fast and sent me the ‘real’ one …….. uhm, I’m going with drunk AND stupid


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