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And Then There Were 3 ….. November 7, 2010

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Okay folks, last update before I go sailing away (hopefully surrounded by randy crew members – oh, sorry, cute randy crew members).

Hearts & Flowers guy who blocked me ~ uh, didn’t actually block me & is still sending me very sweet and girly sentimental e-mails.  He’s sent me his personal e mail as well as his phone number – big deal.  Still think he’s a bit too esoteric for me, but he lives in CO anyway, so who really cares.  Oh, and his last e mail to me asked me about my spiritual beliefs (which are few and far between) and if I believed in past lives … yikes!  ……

Attorney Guy who can’t type ~ sent him an e mail this morning letting him know that I had no clue what to make of him as he seemed not to answer any of my questions and his e-mails make very little sense.  Then add the whole, lost my phone AND had my e mail hacked thing ….. He sent back that he totally understands my trepidation but to PLEASE give him a chance ……. uh ……… yup, i have his personal e mail and phone number as well ……. yet I still can’t figure out why he looks so familiar …….

New guy ~ writer from Australia ~ amazing sense of humor!  so ironic & funny!  not sure he’s my type, but hell, at the very least, he’ll be fun to hang out with.  And yes, I have his personal e mail and phone number as well.

As I leave tonight for the week, I really don’t have to bother with any of these potential future tools 😉 right now.  When I get back, however, it seems I have a shitpot of phone numbers waiting for me.  LMAO!  And we all know what can happen in 7 days! 😉

* update on Hearts & Flowers ~ uh, he’s been e mailing me all day and has started calling me ‘dearest’ and ‘sweetheart’ … I, in turn, have started calling him ‘creepy creeperson’ ……. but only behind his back, of course 😉 Oh,and he does numerology and shit (big surprise) and wants not only my full name, but my birthday as well …. sure thing random internet dude, how about if I just throw in my social security number & home address while I’m at it!


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