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Magic 8 Ball November 15, 2010

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I believe my parting words, after my last update on the uh, potential? guys from Match were to the effect that everything could change in 7 days ………. HA!  What fleeting hearts these douchey guys have.  They were all so apparently in love with me and my profile, that they’ve all fallen off the face of the earth and you know what?  I don’t really care …….

Why would I want to go out with someone ‘just because’ ……… oh well ……… creepy creeperson, aka hearts and flowers still sends the sporadic effusive e mail …… oh joy 😉

There is a new person that has e mailed me a few times and seems like a good guy.  He sent me his number, but I’m just too pooped to call …….. maybe tomorrow ……..

*sigh* I wish I were still on vacation ………… but until I have more to report in ‘real time’ I will regale you all with yet another out of state tool that I met! Yey you!


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