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Thoughts on My Experiences In Search of Love & Companionship, 10 Years Running

Ponder This November 24, 2010

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Now I can play the e-mail game as good as the next guy )usually when I’m just bored as hell and have nothing better to do), but do you ever wonder about those guys that wax on for hours in multiple e mails about how wonderful they think you are, how perfect we’d be together, how great a time we’d have, how basically wonderful we’d match up as a couple (*barf*) and then they just disappear?  Now while I never believe the shit that these tools say in e mails, I do have to wonder why they would waste the time to begin with to e-mail so many times in succession and then the next day just up and disappear.  Did their 24 hour furlough from prison end?  Did their wife come home and bust them?  Did they do a google search and find something questionable?  Did they happen to find this blog and see that I’ve mocked the hell out of them?

Strange if you ask me ……….. 😉


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