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Date? What’s That? December 3, 2010

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Not that I am the absolute master of procrastination, but I am sitting here trying to remember when my last date was instead of getting everything done for my party tomorrow night (I’m the cook, not a guest ;-)).  Now I know I met Disneyworld for dinner last Tuesday, but before that (aside from my 1st meeting with Disneyworld where an old man collapsed on his table – good times), but for the life of me, I can’t remember who was before that.

For those (3) of you that have been following along with my sad escapades, you’ll understand that I couldn’t even find a good post about the guy before Disneyworld!  I think it was either lunch date Michael (who lived with his mom and looked like a tall dark haired Howdy Doody) or with pretty David (the world’s most boring man with the worlds most wandering hands) …….. huh, they were both a LONG time ago.  Sure there was cutie patootie on vacation, but I can’t believe how many e-mails I’ve sent out and responded to in the latest drought of dates.  Yeah, I know, it’s all about quality over quantity, but since I can’t find that ever elusive ‘quality guy’, I may as well try to fill up the calendar with free drinks  dates, right?  Eh, maybe I’ve been at this too long and already dated everyone?  Holy hell, where is that map that okcupid.com made for me?  I think it’s time to move ……….


2 Responses to “Date? What’s That?”

  1. Isobel Says:

    Just stumbled on your blog, starting here and catching up…so far.
    I feel your pain…. I just can’t convince myself to keep going out and dating! lol GL I’ll be reading! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping/stumbling 😉 by and commenting! Yes, it’s a bit tough to try and stay optomistic, but the alternative isn’t all that appealing to me either. Hope to ‘see’ you around!

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