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Who Do You Tell? December 7, 2010

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As I was brushing up on my reading (of blogs) this afternoon, I came across a post from a very intelligent gal  (who used to blog about her dating life before she met a great guy and her terrific blog sort of morphed into something else).  It was all about who she tells and doesn’t tell about her blog.  That got me thinking.  While I have a link on my FB page to the blog, I am only ‘friends’ on FB with my out of state friends ~ no family, no co-workers.  I don’t tell many people in ‘real life’ about the blog either.  I certainly don’t tell my douchey dates.  Before I started the blog, I used to joke with some of my internet douches dates that I was going to write a book about all the bad dates that I’d had, but now that I have the blog, I don’t mention it.

I’ve mentioned it to a few male friends and they’ve asked how to find it and I won’t tell them.  The same holds true for some female friends.  Not sure why this is.  Maybe I don’t want people in my ‘real world’ to know about all my insecurities, trampiness (ha! i wish) or random thoughts.  I started the blog for my own sanity ~ as a sort of cathartic way to vent and remind myself of funny stories.  It never in a million years occurred to me that people would actually want to read it!  I love my blog & all the great virtual friends that I’ve made through it.  I just wonder why I don’t let more people who I know in everyday life ‘in’.

So here’s my question to you all (all 3 of you) ~ do you tell people about your blog?  If so, who?


18 Responses to “Who Do You Tell?”

  1. ifUseekAmy Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I, too, have a FB link, but only those in the “blog yes” group can see it. And those people are only a handful. All of my close friends know about the blog and I think read it, hmm, maybe not. But everything they read is stuff that they’ve already heard straight from the horse’s mouth. I allow my very close family members to see the link on FB, but don’t know if they’ve ever clicked on the link. As for work people on FB… all those people see on my FB page is my name, profile pic and well, that’s it (everything is hidden from my “work” group). I’ve been up front with guys that I have the blog, because frankly, I don’t care what they think or if they worry about being *written about*. And it’s become a part of my life, an important part, so if they guy wants to be part of my life, he’s gonna be part of my blog 🙂

    • of course Amy! I love reading your blog and want more people to as well!

      hmmm, good insight on telling guys about your blog. maybe even if i tell my crappy dates, it will incent them to hide their tool-tastic ways a bit longer in the hopes that they won’t end up being written about (which we all know they will) 😉

  2. kayisacute1 Says:

    hmmm, good question, no. I have a link on my twitter page to this blog but I don’t advertise it. I guess it’s because I have always compartmentalized my life. There’s “Mom/Daughter” Kay and “Work” Kay and “Play” Kay. “Dating” Kay and a shit load of other “Kays”, then there’s me. “Me” writes all the blogs. I blog to keep all of the aspects of my life balanced. This is the only place I can talk about every facet of my life. Because of this and because I share so much of myself with everyone else. I like to keep this part to myself.

    And because I’m talking about all those fools in the rest of my life in my blogs! lmao.

    • Wow K, you’re very compartmentalized. 🙂 I think the ‘illusion’ of being entirely anonymous enables a lot of people (myself included) to be more honest about themselves …… or maybe that’s just me.

  3. I’ve told my close friends and sisters, a couple of work friends, but never a date. I also told my mom at first and gave her the link… then I was writing about having to shave for a third date and thought, crap, do I want my mom to see this stuff? Luckily (?) I haven’t even been on any other third (or second) dates since and my mom is probably too computer illiterate to even find my blog again should I happen to ever strike gold anytime soon! (It’s been a long time since I’ve shaved. Ha-Ha.)

    • Yeah, I may as well just throw out my razor at this point! 😉

      I think my sister knows about it, but she’s so self absorbed, she’s probably forgotten. I would never tell my mom!

      The last ‘date’ I told about the book concept even was Lemon Zinger and he turned out to be a shit, so I’ve been keeping mum since then.

      Hey! Don’t you have a hot date tonight?

      • kayisacute1 Says:

        I’ve gotten so lazy, I only shave what you can see, lol. If I’m going to be “posed”: with the left leh out (yes I think that far ahead – guys do push ups b4 a hot date, I choose the leg,) Anywho, the leg that’s seen is the side I shave, a guy ever pull the covers off my ass he’s going to think he’s dating two-face from Batman. LMAO.

      • I did have a hot date last night and (LET THE ALARMS AND LIGHTS GO OFF NOW) I have finally found somebody I’d actually like to see again. He said he would like to meet again as well… so we’ll see if I finally have a second 2nd date. Another hot date with a different guy tonight – the first (and probably only) from the OK Cupid site.

        I don’t understand the shaving of one side… don’t they have to see both legs at some point??? Am I missing something? (Besides saving 50% of my shaving time, that is.)

  4. kayisacute1 Says:

    and comments about me shaving half of myself – trying to say it and not sound crass, dears, is one of the reason my RL folks don’t have my blog address, could you see a potential date reading that???

    @GGD, you telling a guy about your blog may have the opposite effect too! He might want to be the biggest tool in your shed, so you will write about him. IDK guys, I like this part of my life hidden away.

    • good point K ~ sadly, most of these guys don’t need any encouragement to be tremendous tools though 😉

      really? only 1/2 ??? lmao!

      • kayisacute1 Says:

        @ Click about the 1/2 – he only has to see the other half if he’s any good and get a second invitation, lol. The half I shave is the side he sees when the light are on and I’m in my dramatic pose, when those lights go out, he could care less why he feels like he is being covered in caterpillars, lmao.

  5. Isobel Says:

    I have told a couple of close friends, and like an idiot I told one of the guys I met (friend of a friend) But I highly doubt he reads it- I havent really been consistently dating so I have been writing about other things, My family knows I have the blog, but no one has asked for the link *thankfully* and I have some Forum Friends who read it on the regular… I refuse to post it on my FB…weird huh?

  6. carol Says:

    you are wise to be so careful. A lot of people are
    judgemental and would not understand. Or they would just want to bombard you with advice–do you really want that? The more people you tell, the more you might feel like censoring yourself–what fun would that be for the rest of us????

  7. YEY Click! Not sure why it won’t let me post under your post, but you’re a smart girl, you’ll figure it out! You’re on a roll! And WTG on possibly/probably hitting that ever elusive 2nd date milestone!

    Uh, so not loving OKCupid? eh, it’s okay, but as I’m quitting match in a couple of weeks, i have to remain (begin being) optomistic!

    Oh, and 2 dates with 2 different guys on consecutive nights?!? TRAMP! 😉 i’m jealous!

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