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The D List February 26, 2011

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And here it is:  I’m lamer than I ever imagined! 😉 CYC (cute, young co-worker) is upstairs taking a nap before his night shift and I am downstairs, in flannel pajama bottoms & a sweatshirt.   At 1:30 in the afternoon.  As I have no real reason to leave the house the rest of the day.  Does it make things any less pathetic to know that it’s windy and cold and gloomy outside?  No?  Eh, didn’t really think so.

As for my quickly approaching D days:

Today, D stands for diet.  I hate being on a diet.  No, I am not one that can abide by the rules of ‘everything in moderation’ as I tend to use a sliding scale when deciding what, exactly, is a moderate amount and tend to see it from the viewpoint of an 8 foot giant with an overactive metabolism.  Boo.  I have to follow uber strict plans or else I can justify even the smallest of cheats (I’m awesome at pulling excuses out of my ass for all things irresponsible).  I gotta get back in dating shape, so it is what it is.

March 1, D will stand for dating as this is when I re-activate my online profile on Match as well as give Chemistry a whirl (like it could be any worse than any other? luckily e-harmony has set the bar VERY low).  I haven’t yet decided if I am excited or not about this.  Additionally, I haven’t yet decided if I hate dating more than I do dieting.  I have decided that I have a love/hate relationship with dating.  Although I may hate (or love) dating, I do love relationships.  Too bad you actually have to date in order to find that guy to have the relationship with.  This love/hate thing can also apply to the fact that the guys that I love (okay, lust), hate me.  Fine, not hate as that’s such a strong word, but pretty much it’s guaranteed that if I like someone, they will not respond in kind.  Assholes.

On Tuesday, D will stand for destiny.  As in what mine holds.  If I were to believe my fortune cookie yesterday (and really, why wouldn’t I?), there is a fabulous vacation in my future.  Okay, I’ll take that, but could you be a bit more specific as to when, exactly this vacation might take place as it will be even more sad than me sitting around in pajama bottoms in the middle of the day to be getting all excited about a vacation that isn’t happening until my 65th birthday.  Anyway, I”m not sure if I’m nervous, excited, optimistic or indifferent about what the Intuitive tells me. 

So, this is how Kathy Griffin feels ……..


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