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Danny Tario April 1, 2011

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Remember him?  From Dance Fever?  Oh crap, I’m sure I just totally dated myself (ha ha – nice play on words as apparently no one else wants to date me right now).  I don’t even know if I spelled his name right, and ya’ know what?  I don’t give a shit.

Why is it that every single guy, in addition to stating that they ‘love hiking’ (bullshit), apparently ‘loves to dance’.  Really?  I cringe when I picture the sheer volume of middle aged men doing the white man’s shuffle in a crowded dance club.  Sure I loved to dance when I was younger.  In bars, ON bars, on the beach, in my car, pretty much anywhere there was music.  Do I love it still?  Yeah, not so much.  I think there comes an age when jumping around acting a fool gets a tad bit embarrassing.  Unless you’re drunk, in which case everything is fair game. 

When I read all these profile about loving to dance, I highly doubt that they are referring to ballroom dancing or country line dancing.  I picture a big ole’ dance club.  Full of young people.  Who make me feel old.  What’s fun about that?  I do believe that’s how I’ve gotten ‘closed’ with several matches on craptastic E-Harm.  There is a retarded question about what sounds like the most fun to you?  The responses are something like a) antique shopping b) comedy club c) i don’t remember and d) dancing.  My patent answer to this lame question is that any of the above (big lie anyway as I would rather shove an antique fork in my eye than actually go antique shopping) beside dancing.  And then the guy promptly closes the match.

Want to hear my theory?  Too bad, it’s my blog, so settle down.  I don’t think all these guys really like ‘dancing’.  I think they are using dancing as some lame euphemism for ‘sex’.  Now if my options were a) antique shopping b) comedy club c) something else or d) sex, I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t mark D in a heartbeat.  Sorry comedy club, although I love you, you come second to a good old-fashioned (non antique) bike ride! 😉


Oh, and some guy just invited me to meet for a drink tonight and if we hit it off, I’m to hop on the back of his harley and go to a Heart concert with him.  Er, do you think there will be dancing? 😉 I’m so friggin’ old …….


5 Responses to “Danny Tario”

  1. Ooooohhhh… maybe…. he’s a magic man, mama… yeahhh… he’s got the magic hands.

    I used to love love love the solid gold dancers. It may have even been my first dream job of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Dare to dream, kids… dare to dream.

  2. Bette http://musingoncruising.blogspot.com/ Says:

    Aw, come on, gal! Make sure it’s the salsa or mo-jive and you get a work out as well.Think of the benefits! Less money on the gym fees! Oh but hang on, that’s why I’ve been visiting the chiropractor for the last six weeks – cause some moron yanked me so hard I’ve trapped a nerve in my disks. 😦

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      did I forget to mention that I have absolutely NO coordination (or patience for learning a ‘real’ dance) 😉

      i can almost beat your moron/chiropractor story (almost) – drunk hookup a couple weeks ago was asking me innapropriate questions and i mentioned that i sort of like having my hair pulled (i know, tmi) – he practically yanked my flippin’ pony tail out of my head. uh yeah, not like that idiot…………

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