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Who Are These People? April 4, 2011

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So I just decided to go through my phone and delete numbers for people who I haven’t spoken to in oh, say, 100 years and I came across more than 2 dozen douchebags.  Not only douchebags, but douchebags from online dating sites.  That I have no clue who they are!  How do I know they are from online dating sites?  Uh, I have this brilliant habit of marking what site they’re on as their last name (as I rarely ever find out/care to find out what their last names actually are).  Here’s a sampling of some of the goodies I found tonight:

Mark – OK Cupid

Mark – Match

Mark – Match (different one, go figure)

Mike – Match

Mike – Chemistry

Mike – Match (i know, another dup?)

Jim – POF

Jim – Ok Cupid

David – Chemistry

Ray – E Harmony

Ray – OkCupid

Phil Cutie Patootie (i’m keeping this one 😉 )

Steve – Match

Steve – OkCupid

Chris – OkCupid (yikes! this is that retard, the sprinting fancy pants)

Well, you get the idea.  Apparently I only meet guys who have one of four names.  And have been on way too many dating sites.  I have kept all of the numbers as I think it’s pretty funny that I have so many duplicate names from different sites and have no idea who they are.

Oh, and yeah, I still have Irish Guy in there (and thank god) because I’m afraid if I delete him, he’ll call and I’ll accidentally answer not knowing it’s my heartbroken stalker of a flat tire.  Which, btw, came in very handy because although I didn’t even hear my phone, I was notified that he called me over the weekend!  Why?!?!?

Oh, and I do have one more name in there, but it belongs to the guy that I refuse to tell you all about 😉 Until tomorrow.  After our date.  Ahem, our dinner date.  Er, our sober dinner date.  I’m screwed ……….


8 Responses to “Who Are These People?”

  1. These are the ghosts of your online-dating past. And I’m not gonna say who is the future. I only had two that I even put first names in… yeah, we can pretty much guess who those were. So I have a phone full of numbers only that I have to try to decipher who they might have been by conversation style alone… or my handy-dandy spreadsheet 😉

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I tried the whole spreadsheet thing and just couldn’t keep up with it. So many dipshits, so little time 😉

      If anyone gets ahold of my phone however, my cover as a suavely selective dater is blown!

  2. Emilie Says:

    Ok here is a thought (and god forbid it will happend) but what would happen if irsh guy gets smart and changes his phone number, then calls you?? Ok i know him getting smart will be a long shot but its thoes things that get me thinking at times!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      he’s turned into such a weirdo that i wouldn’t put it past him Emilie 😉 if that were to happen though and he called me from a ‘mystery’ number, i would simply have to rip him a new one and tell him to leave me alone … or get a restraining order 😉

  3. Lizzie Says:

    I DO THIS EXACT SAME THING. I have to weed monthly. If I didn’t care enough to put your last name in after our first date, you’re out of there 🙂

  4. everevie Says:

    Hah. I used to enter guys by some defining interest or trait…like:

    Car Guy
    Black Dude
    Poodle Guy
    Hair Dude

    It worked out until I realized I couldn’t remember their actual names.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      haha – er, poodly guy? i have to put their names down ’cause i can’t seem to remember them otherwise 😉

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