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Listen Up Fishermen April 5, 2011

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So you all know that I’ve posted a stellar picture or two (and by stellar, I mean fairly horrific) that I’ve come across online.  Guys with their shirts off, guys with their pants pulled down, guys with a set of women’s legs tossed over their shoulder (remember that one?).  I know how visual everyone is, so it’s the least I can do to help out and provide examples.  Today however, you’re all on your own.  There were just too many to choose from.  I understand that guys are passionate about their hobbies.  Hiking (so says 99.9% of  profiles that I’ve read – uh, bullshit), biking, staying fit, sex, being total tools, leading women on, playing dungeons and dragons, etc….  The crap that these guys list is utterly amazing.  They must never sit down, but I digress.

I think it’s great that men have these hobbies.  I really don’t need visual confirmation of said hobbies however.  I can’t even tell you how many profiles I’ve been sent, winked at from, tripped across with guys holding up dead fish.  Really?  Is that a turn on?  I know that they must be uber proud of their catches and want to prove that when telling friends they caught a 2 foot long trout that it doesn’t get metrically converted to ‘guy length’.  I.E. 2 feet = probably 10 inches max. 😉  They want these pics to prove their prowess, their manliness, their ability to put a wiggly worm on a hook and then toss said hook into a body of water while enjoying multiple beers and bragging to their buddies about the total babes they bagged the night before.  *bullshit*

I just don’t see what they think is appealing about putting a picture up of them holding a dead fish.  On a dating site.  Even better?  The guys that do this don’t have just one dead fish picture, but several.  Er, does this really work for them?  I mean, with women other than fish scalers?


11 Responses to “Listen Up Fishermen”

  1. Emilie Says:

    mmm.. fisherman’s; not my type at all!! I had once had a guy email me and in the email talk about his great catches and all the sports that he does…. So one day; I email one of them back and say “sorry but I am not a sporty person and I am not mush interested in fishing” (I was being nice), not even 10 minutes later he replayed saying “how would a city girl like you know that they are not into fishing?” … well I just had to replay and give him a little 411 stating “hey dude, I am not a city girl by a long shot, I live a little town that is less then 10,000 people and everything is closed by 7pm… its called a ghost town; not the city” … needless to say he never replayed back…

    • Paula's Ponderings Says:

      Hi GG…. where are the pictures? I’ll post some of the crazier ones if you do. Also, on POF, there was a profile of a naked guy that took POF 2 days to take down… of course I took a picture of his picture…. 😉

  2. I’m sure in a dude’s head it supposed to allude to him and being a ‘great catch’. Whatever. Dudes! They’re so….simple.

  3. uh-huh Says:

    Do you mind? You don’t sound like much of a great catch yourself.
    You bitter, whiny child.

    If men are passionate about their hobbies, it’s because fucking society tells everybody to be passionate about something, otherwise you’re some kind of loser.
    Don’t see why the fuck people have to passionate if they don’t want to be.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      uh, having a bad day? thanks for calling me a child though – at 43, that hasn’t happened in a long time. I guess if you had bothered to read any of my blog, you would realize what a self deprecating person I am, but I guess if you’re just bitter about life, you don’t see the humor in things ………..

      • everevie Says:

        Click…that’s funny: “…clearly not passionate about making sense…” I concur.

        Grey- Yeah, I hate fishing pics, but worse are hunting pics…with the guy standing next to a gutted deer…

        I’ve also always wondered why these guys insist on having pics of themselves with hot chicks. Have you noticed that trend?

    • Huh, Uh huh? Why would somebody have to be passionate if they don’t want to be? You’re clearly not passionate about making sense, so don’t try to force it just because society says you have to be… You’re still a loser.

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