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Grading Miss Cleo 4-6 (at happy hour) April 6, 2011

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Leo Apr 6 2011
You may be so caught up in strategizing ways to solve a problem that you haven’t gotten around to actually addressing the issue. Your procrastination may be due to a fear of making the wrong choice or handling the matter in a way that could make it worse, but by hyper-focusing on this you are making the whole situation seem much worse than it is. Although you like being king of the jungle, sometimes you  need to consult with others if you are to rule your kingdom in the best possible way. This is one of those times. Talk to someone you trust for feedback or advice, and the right choices will become obvious.

Let’s see, the strategy would be trying to find a good guy by joining 5,237 dating websites.  The problem would be apparent lack of said good guys.  (As I am sitting surrounded by old farts.  Dammit) 😉


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