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I’ve Learned My Lesson April 7, 2011

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So, screwing around on OkStupid (thanks Click), playing their ‘rating game’ and just decided to give everyone a 4 star rating today.  Well, unless they were hideous or had absolutely no information written in their profile.  Sure, some profiles I actually bothered to read, most well, not so much.

So immediately after rating some guy who was admittedly  pretty cute and a whopping 33 years old 4 stars I am the recipient of a ‘how are u’ message.  The following exchange is a really good reason to NOT just hand out 4 and 5 star ratings willy nilly:

Him: how r u

Him: i liked ur profile

Me: Hello, I liked yours as well.  Is your name Cory?

Him: yup.

Him: want to chat?

Me: Hi Cory.  I do not IM and I think I need a little bit more to go on before I hand out my phone number

Him:  yext (yes, that’s what it said) or call me 602-***-****

Me ……………. delete

Is it absolutely impossible for someone to write in complete sentences?


2 Responses to “I’ve Learned My Lesson”

  1. Emilie Says:

    its been a few months that I have not loged onto my OKcupid profile and I know I have quite a few emails because for some reason i get it send it to my email stating i have “x” so many messages from guys waiting for me… bla. bla… but I have to say this cory guy looks like he has his pants of fire and I have seen quite a few guys like him too on these types of dating websites!!

  2. Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

    haha – ‘pants on fire’ – i love it!

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