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Move Over Tammy Wynette April 8, 2011

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For a change, I’m not going to say ‘for punishment’ as you and I know good and well by now that that pretty much goes without saying. 😉

So I get a cryptic text yesterday from a coworker/friend that asks ‘do you like country music?’.  I, being totally incapable of just giving a yes or no answer respond with ‘well, I don’t own Wranglers, but I guess it’s okay, why?’  To which she responds ‘just wondering’.  Uh, bullshit.  What an oddly random question to ask for no reason, right?  So I text back ‘so what did I just get myself disinvited to?’ And she responds with how intuitive I am.  Gee, thanks.  She never bothered telling me what she was apparently debating inviting me to before thinking better of it, so whatever.  Off to happy hour I went with a friend from out of town.  To this horrible place where the waitresses wear teenie tiny kilts, white knee socks, black shoes, plaid bras that are 4 sizes too small and the tiniest white shirts i’ve ever seen.  Yeah, way to make me feel like a cow you stupid skinny, slutty bitches.  But I digress.

Anyway, I call coworker/friend this morning to let her know how rude I think she is ;-).  Yes I did.  She tells me she has extra tickets for something called ‘Country Thunder’ tomorrow.  I don’t know what the hell that is and it’s pretty far away, so I wasn’t too excited.  Then she drops the bait.  Free food and drinks.  All of a sudden, hell yeah!  Sign me up.  I’m going to dust off my best pair of pressed jeans (ha), find a big ole’ cowboy hat, maybe display my muffin top and head on out there with her tomorrow ’cause although I don’t really love country music, I sure as shit love free alcohol!!!!!

I sure hope there’s a mechanical bull somewhere to ride (or better yet, a cute cowboy) 😉 Yey me!


One Response to “Move Over Tammy Wynette”

  1. everevie Says:

    Save a horse, ride a cowboy!!!

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