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How Was Your Day? April 10, 2011

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Mine was pretty fan-friggin-tastic, thank you!  Went to the Culinary Festival today and had a blast.  I bet the food would have even been great had I managed to remove myself from the beer garden long enough to try some of it, but alas, that didn’t happen. 😉  I actually got stood up by 2 friends who were supposed to meet me there today, so I was left to make new friends.  And that I did! 😉  No, dirty minded pervs, not that sort of friend (although there were some total cuties).  Let me break my afternoon down for you:

* Culinary Festival started at noon.  I was there at 11:59 and in the beer garden enjoying my 1st of several (dozen) beverages of the day by 12:02. 🙂

* Never heard back from one of my friends/coworkers who was going to meet me there (bitch)

* Arranged to meet some guy from OkCupid there at 3.  Then he texted to meet at 3:30 instead.  Then he actually showed up at 4.  Guess how long our ‘date’ lasted?  Uhm, I think it was right around 22 minutes.  You see, I had made some new friends that i was hanging out with and we were very busy been drunken snarky bitches.  I called a time out on that to hang with my little date.  I say little because although he said he was 5’10”, I was taller than he was and I was wearing keds.  We chatted a bit, he bored me to tears, I wasn’t attracted to him and did I mention how boring he was?  Yeah, bye bye.  Totally his decision, btw, but I certainly didn’t do anything to encourage him to want to stay.

* So spent the rest of the day (and we’re talking a good 5.5 hours) drinking tiny 4oz beers from about 72 different booths with my new friends (whose names I don’t really remember – oopsie) and e-mailing & texting some guy from E-Harmony (i know!).  No clue where this one will go, but he’s very complimentary to me, is pretty funny and didn’t tell me to fuck off when I called him Jeff instead of his actual name James in an e-mail.  Ooopsie again.  I suck.

* Saw a really cute, really tall, really tree trunk of a guy there that momma liked!  One of my new friends went over to start talking to him and damn it, he had really screwed up teeth.  I can’t do bad teeth.  I don’t know where to look when talking to someone with fucked up teeth as I always seem mesmerized by them.  Shoot.

* Had a really drunk total cutie that was probably in his late 20s try to kiss me with his Ross Gellar teeth.  Surprisingly (for me), I opted out of that one.

* Said goodbye to new friends as they were off to continue drinking and I had to draw the line at 5.5 hours of drinking in the sun.  I hate when I’m a pussy.

* I am now back home, drunk, on my way to being hungover, hungry and noticing that it’s only 7pm.  Uh oh.  Also thinking that drinking possibly just one water during all of this afternoon might have been a good idea.

* Oh, and as I was leaving the festival, I got 6 text messages in a row all from one of my friends who was supposed to meet me.  And she was pissed.  You see, all these texts were from earlier in the day when she was actually at the festival looking for me and thought I was just ignoring her messages.  Yeah, no clue why they didn’t come through until 4 hours later (and all at once), but I called her immediately to apologize and guess what?  She didn’t answer. 😦

* Oh, and also when leaving the festival, I ran into my 22 minute long boring date from earlier.  Can you say awkward?

It was a damn good Sunday if you ask me!!  Oh, and I’ll keep ya’ posted on the E-Harmony guy 😉


2 Responses to “How Was Your Day?”

  1. everevie Says:

    Sounds fun! I love days like those…minus the awkward date part. Hope your friend forgives you…and hope Jeff…uh, James turns out to be either an awesome date or an awesome post! 😉

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