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The Best Laid Plans (or I’m A Shitty Friend) April 15, 2011

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I can only assume by all the ‘views’ last night that a few of you were checking in for an update on my double date last night.  Let’s start by saying that best laid plans rarely turn out to be effective.  Let’s also say that it’s not a really good idea to ask to bring a friend on a first date.  Let’s not forget that although I think it would be hysterical to hang with Click & Tree Trunk together, if I really thought about it, yeah, that idea was dead in the water to begin with.  I couldn’t quite figure out when to tell him about my grand plan.  If I told him before the date, he’d think I had already planned an ‘out’ (and what an out it would have been) so I waited.  And waited.  And finally told him about 5 minutes into the date.  What?  Where was the excitement and bemusement on his face of me asking to bring along a wingman?  He wasn’t thrilled.  I couldn’t tell if he was angry or disappointed or whatever.  He offered to end the date so I could hang with Click instead but he certainly wasn’t down with a two-fer last night.  Needless to say, after telling Click to be ready at a specific time, I ended up cancelling on her.  I know, I suck but honestly, who the hell would expect that I wouldn’t have wanted an excuse to bail an hour into the festivities?  So before I go any further into last night;  Click, my dear bloggy bitchy friend, I’m sorry. 😦  I promise to try to make up for it tonight.

On the bright side though, I got a kiss.  Oh hell, I got several.  And several were inappropriately timed, highly public and none too shabby.  I’m nothing if not pure class.  Well, as you all know, I’ll kiss just about anyone so, that really doesn’t mean much.  Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of last night.  He got to the bar early (good boy – I had warned him that I hate when people are late).  He really is a ginormous man.  Sort of the same size as the side of a house.  He was wearing jeans, a t-shirt (that could probably have been a pup tent for me) and snazzy sneakers.  Do I love what he was wearing?  Nope.  He’s total blue collar though, so that’s how he rolls.  I had no clue how to read him at the beginning.  He didn’t smile, he was fairly quiet and he just didn’t seem all that into the whole thing.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had just sprung my ‘bring a friend to the date’ plan. 

Things loosened up after a bit.  I drank way more than I should have.  2 beers beforehand and I think maybe 4 or 5 absolute 7s can make any date a good one I guess.  Yeah, I know you’re all shocked that I abandoned my namesake and love of dirty martini’s for such a pedestrian cocktail, but I was just a bit doubtful that a sports bar would be able to make a good one (although it’s all of 2 ingredients, but still).  Want to hear something weird?  Too bad, I’m telling you anyway.  I think I was a bit nervous.  I was totally thrown off by the fact that I couldn’t ‘read’ him.  I guess I’m used to being sort of ‘in charge’ on dates and usually holding the upper hand (what’s that saying?  the one with the boobs holds all the power?) 😉 I didn’t with him.  Hmmmm.  He totally called me out on it as well.  Flat out told me that he was certain that I’m used to being in charge and that just wasn’t how he rolls.  Interesting ………

We played several games of pool and my vague memories of being somewhat adept at the game were sadly proven wrong.  I sucked.  Big time.  However the strategic placement of my cleavage while shooting did have a somewhat distracting effect on my opponent.  So we played, we talked, we had fun.  Oh yeah, and we kissed.  A few times.  Whatever, we all know what a kissing whore I am.

He finally showed his cards towards the end of the date (4 hours in when being a lame individual, I got really tired – i suck) when he asked when he could see me again.  Uh oh.  Decision time.  I have had exactly zero second dates so far this year.  Hell, i have had zero dates where I even wanted to finish the 1st date so far this year. 😉  Until now.  I think we’re going to dinner on Sunday.

Oh, and he asked me to text him when I got home.  I love that shit and it’s surprising how many guys don’t make that request.  Then again, most of my dates probably can’t wait to get rid of me and wouldn’t mind my bitchtastic self ending up in a fiery heap. Eh.  So although I was a little confused as to what he was thinking throughout the date (I mean c’mon, I kiss people I’m not into all the time – I know guys do the same thing) he finally gave me an inkling into his thoughts with a nice text about having a good time.  Oh and the fact that he flat out sent ‘ I like you’.  What the hell?  Since when are guys upfront with what they’re thinking?

Now that’s just crazy talk.  So, my friends; it was a pretty good date.  He’s very much not my ‘normal’ type, but I do think I like him, I did have fun and I really do need to kiss him when sober and get a good grasp of that whole thing. 😉  No, dirty pervs, not that whole thing.

Oh, and he held my hand when he walked me to my car.  I know, I’m a ridiculous tard.  Not sure if he just wanted to make sure that I didn’t face plant in the parking lot (no, I wasn’t that drunk) or not, but I just read another blog regarding this subject and it occured to me that nope, not too many men these days hold hands.  It was sorta nice.


21 Responses to “The Best Laid Plans (or I’m A Shitty Friend)”

  1. Yay!! Look at you with the kiss and a second date! Can’t wait to hear more! And I may need some pointers on how to work out the damn first kiss

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      🙂 I know, crazy right? Er, I don’t seem to have an issue with the kissing part. I’ll just lay one on whoever if I feel like it. He kissed me 1st though this time around.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Oh, and as for ‘pointers’ …….. it’s very simple my friend….. cocktails 😉

  2. Not shitty all. And if this goes further than the second date I will find a way to finagle some credit… Even if just having me in vicinity is a good luck charm ;-). Good call on the drink… Yesterday I got a mojito without mint? Really? That’s kinda what makes it a mojito as opposed to a rum spritzer.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Oh hell yeah. We all know that I never get past a 1st date, so it must have been your good ju-ju from 1.2 miles away 🙂

      And your drink from last night sounds gross ……. did you have 7 like I did?

  3. everevie Says:

    Let’s not all get too excited…there’s still plenty of time for TT to flake…bail…get douchey…creepy…or lame.

    I’m sorry Grey, but somebody has got to have a little cynicism around here. Karmic balance must be maintained.

    No jinxes!

    (P.S. Yaaaaay 4 u!!)

  4. stevesw Says:

    Sounds like you did OK, even if you tried to be overcomplicated…and you have given me an idea for my next post….thank you. Can’t wait to here what happens next.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      It’s a gift, really Steve. I can overcomplicate the most simple of things. 😉

      Ooooh, can’t wait to read your next blog post!

  5. Thomas Says:

    Sounds like you had fun with this ginormous person. i hope he’s not a juiceheaded gorilla like those douches on Jersey Shore…blech…. Also, i need your help in identifying something that is odd to me….

    could you tell me what the avatar that evie is using? It looks like a wet pussy…but I know I’ve seen wet pussy before and somehow it doesn’t translate to the same type of kitty.

    I finally posted a small pic of me on my “about” page…so that way you have a little more to go on….

    Wild saturday ahead!


  6. Thomas Says:

    wait..evie..is there not an amazing wet pussycat there?

  7. Thomas Says:

    sweet…you should book a room for 3…I want all of us in the same room…I think we would have such the BLAST! it’s not about the 3 some…it’s about the fun people!


  8. Thomas Says:

    ok maybe it’s a bit pervy from the outside…but I’m too sweet for it to be otherwise…


    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      i bet you’re pretty much all talk Thomas …… trying to cover up what a nice guy you really are 😉

  9. Thomas Says:

    we can always test those waters….LMAO….if only you knew…. wink…wink…


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