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Saturday Night; What A Waste Of Time April 20, 2011

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Or, more accurately, I could have titled this post Finger Foods Is A Douche.  They’re both pretty damn accurate. 

Okay, I told you all how Finger Foods is part of a group called ‘hashers‘ that are really funny & fun and whatever.  No, they’re not druggies you big dorks, they’re just ginormous drinkers.  My kinda peeps!  Anyway, Finger Foods was ‘hosting’ a hash on Saturday afternoon that I promised I would attend.  Then I got a better offer.  Taking Click to the airport. 😉 As I still wanted to be a part of the hash and show my support to Finger Foods, we decided that I should be to his place at 5:15pm when the hashers would arrive (after running a 6 mile mis-marked trail).  I would meet them across the road from his subdivision for the ‘circle’, which is held directly after the run part of the hash (where they drink throughout, btw) where they gather, give each other shit and basically just drink some more.  Perfect.  I get to miss the ‘run’ part, but partake in the ‘after-hash’.  Yey me.

So I get to Finger Food’s place as told at 5:15pm.  Park, go into his house (he left it open for me), grab a beer and head across the street to wait for everyone to arrive.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Okay, by 5:45pm my beer was long gone, I was getting a bit worried/pissy and Finger Foods wasn’t answering his cel.  ‘Cause the big douche left it on his kitchen counter.  So I go back to his place, refill my beer and head back out again to the field across from his subdivision.  Now imagine this process continuing on for the next 2 hours.  Walk, wait, drink, sit, return, drink more, repeat.  All the while, no less than 10 cars have pulled over to make sure that I was alright and didn’t need a ride, food stamps, a drunk tank, whatever.  How fucking embarrassing.  What?  These people have never seen a grown woman sitting on the side of the road for 2 stinkin’ hours? 😉  By 7pm, I was fairly livid (and the guard at the gate was considering throwing me off the property by this time -not really), so I went back to the house, had another beer and decided that since the hash started at 2:30 that these poor people were going to not only be drunk and exhausted when they finally arrived but starving as well.  So I prepared all the food so it would be ready when everyone got there (see, I can be a good friend – when I’m not being a total bitch).  As I am writing a note letting FF know that I was leaving they all walk in.  At 7:45pm.  Exactly 2.5 hours late.  FF had screwed up the trail and not only was everyone drunk, hungry & exhausted, but pissed as well.  Ooopsie.

I helped to take all the food out to the pool, made sure everyone got fed, talked to a few of the cuter hashers, was amazed that so many people remembered me from the hash I was at previously over a month ago and then took off.  Not only was I aggravated that I wasted most of the afternoon, but pissed that I missed out on meeting up with the young snarky redhead (and yes, his business partner) and all around just tired from my 3 consecutive nights of drinking way more than any self respecting 43 year old should.  Thank goodness I’m not self-respecting, huh? 😉  Anyway, Finger Foods was sooo appreciative of my help that he offered to take me out to a fancy schmacy dinner on Tuesday.  To which I replied in a ‘hell yeah’ fashion.  I’m meeting him at 7pm. 🙂

I truly am a food whore.


12 Responses to “Saturday Night; What A Waste Of Time”

  1. Emilie Says:

    hope you had a better time over yesterdays dinner!! as for saturday, I am sure that everyone was glad that there was food waiting for them and I am glad for you that at the end of the evening, it all truned out ok.

  2. Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

    Thanks Em! Yes, last night was much better 😉

    Lucky for FF that I’m a caterer and used to cooking for large groups….

  3. everevie Says:

    Hope you post about last night’s dinner…and you damn well earned it so it better have been good!

    Remind me again how he got the name of Finger Foods?

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      LOL, post on last night coming 😉

      Finger Foods because when he invited me over for dinner, it was an odd hodgepodge of mismatched foods all cut into little cubes 😉

      • everevie Says:

        I thought that was the Ohio boy. I’m confused. Oh, well…it’s my usual state of mind, so I’m comfortable with that.


      • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

        LMAO for you keeping track of all my douches, er, dates 😉 he is O Ohio Boy, I’ve just changed his name is all – i can do that as it’s my blog 😉

  4. everevie Says:

    Okay…so Ohio boy is the same guy that you made out with at the first hasher’s run you went to? Or is Ohio boy the one that invited you to the first run…and you ended up making out with a stranger? Or did I dream all this shit up?

    BTW…I ain’t lying when I tell you I’m living vicariously through you. So, yes…I’m invested in the details. LOL. Man…I’m lame.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      LOL! I met Ohio Boy/Finger Foods back in December off of Match. We went out once, no making out – then he invited me over for dinner one night, thus the new moniker – still no kissing ……decided just to be friends (although I do believe he still holds out hope as he tries to kiss me every time I see him) …… he is the one that introduced me to hashing, but it was some other random guy that I made out with at my 1st hash (i’m so proud)

      • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

        and holy shit Evie, you’ve got to be able to find someone a bit more interesting than I to live vicariously through 😉

        this is my life in a nutshell: act obnoxious, drink too much, kiss random guys, repeat ……. oh, wait, lets not forget ‘be a bitch’

  5. The T Says:

    Ummm…hello….umm yeah girls…DON’T be a bitch… i’m so on your side… just pray you come my direction….show you why it’s better in teh Caribbean… I don’t call girls bitches… they earn their titles appropriately…

    Needless to say i want romance…incredible romance and fun…

    I kiss chicks and stuff….. .com is

    • everevie Says:

      Shit man…when I first read your comment…I thought you were calling us bitches.

      Dude! You have GOT to employ a sense of humor around here…because half of what we say is “tongue in cheek”. Maybe you don’t speak “Sarcasm”.

  6. […] you’ll have to read back to refresh your memory of ………………. Finger Foods!  Holy hell. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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