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How Busy Can He Be? April 21, 2011

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So one of the many e-mails I received from OkStupid yesterday was from someone who’s screen-name I totally didn’t remember.  He was apologizing for being out of touch as ‘he’s been busy’.  He had strep throat and then apparently his son plays baseball.  Er, okay, who the hell are you?  I look up his profile to see he was some big ole’ dork that e-mail me back on February 8th.  Really?  He’s been that busy for the past 2 months?  Well thank my lucky stars I wasn’t holding my breath to hear from him again (actually was probably more of a sigh of relief that he had stopped e mailing) as I would have been dead and gone by now.

Even the ‘aesthetically challenged’ (thanks Steve 😉 ) are douchey too? 

That makes 2 tools from the past that have resurfaced.  The first having disappeared for a month after pretty much putting me through his stringent interview process and now this one that reappears after 2 months as if I had missed him.  Geesh, some guys are a little bit deluded …………. or a lot. 🙂


Oh, and I wanted to also give Tree Trunk his due.  I stated that he never asked me anything about myself.  That was inaccurate.  He actually asked me two very soul-searching questions:

1) Do I like camping (hell no, I’m not a big pee in a bush kinda gal)

2) Do I like hot dogs (was this meant to be some euphemistic question?)

I can’t believe I let him go …………… *sigh*



4 Responses to “How Busy Can He Be?”

  1. stevesw Says:

    thank you, glad I could be of assistance. I do have a question: Holding your breath for the past two months….hhuuuuuuummmm….based on your recent posts, that would be hard to do, unless you kiss with your lips pressed tightly together?

  2. Pammy Girl Says:

    I signed up for OK Cupid and stayed active for about an hour. I received an email from a guy who took a picture of himself with his phone, shirtless and in the bathroom mirror. First clue he was a douche bag.

    His description of himself: “My brother play for the Washington Redskins and I love Jesus.”

    The introductory note he sent me: “You’re hot! I can’t wait to sex you up!”

    I wonder what Jesus would say about that??? I’m no longer on OK Cupid.

    • everevie Says:

      Shit Pammy Girl…you just made me spit out my Merlot.

      What the hell is wrong with men??

      (Steve? Thomas? Anybody wanna answer?? Bueller? Bueller?)

      Grey…I’m sorry…but hot dogs are actually very important to some people. For instance, I could date, but never marry someone that eats their hd’s with ketchup only. I mean…gross. I’ll settle for mustard only…but that’s kind of a compromise. Personally…I only find a man sexy if he eats his dog with chili, cheese, onions and mustard. If he adds sauerkraut and dill relish…we might be soul mates.

      I’m just sayin’.

      That could have been the most profound question TT ever asked you.

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