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I’m A Big Weenie April 27, 2011

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I know this won’t come as any sort of surprise to most (me included), but the reasons for my weenie-ness seem to change on a daily basis.  Regardless of the day or the reason, it’s there.  Lurking in the background.  Waiting to pounce and annoy the crap out of me.

So remember when you were younger and you liked a guy and you would constantly check your phone to make sure it was working?  We didn’t have cel phones back in the day (and the ones that were in existence weighed about 25 lbs and were the size of a toaster), so I’d run (okay, walk briskly as I was a clutz back then too) to the phone, pick up the receiver and make sure there was a dial tone.  I was never quite sure if I wanted the phone to be broken and that would explain the lack of call or to just face facts that yes, the phone works, but he must have broken his fingers and is unable to dial. 😉 Poor guy.

I did something stupid today.  Oh sorry, I should have warned you before writing that shocker.  My phone keeps a string of text messages.  Regardless of whether or not I delete the string, if the same person texts me again, the whole string from the past comes up.  Usually to mock me.  I happened to notice that Tall Red had text messaged me every day for the past week.  Every single day.  Yeah, so not only is there not a call, but there is not a text either.  Sure we only went out last night, but hey?  Why wait to obsess over something when you can get it out of the way right now.

Yup, he’s young.  Yup, he’s living with his cousin.  Yup, he just moved to town a month ago.  Yup, he’s nice as can be.  Yup, he’s totally responsible and trying to do the right thing.   I couldn’t quite figure out why it is that I liked him so much though.  I’ve gone out with a lot of guys that were nice and responsible and whatever, but I haven’t liked any of them.  What makes Tall Red different?  It’s very simple, you see.  It all comes down to my infamous 5 second rule.  I’m totally attracted to the guy.  I think he’s cute as can be!  Yup, I want to make out with him parking lots.   I want to take him on a bike ride or 12 (after I lose 10 lbs, of course).  Duh, could it be that simple?  Of course it can.  I’m superficial when it comes to shit like that.  I put looks over most other things.  Sure, in the long run looks don’t mean diddly if he’s not a good person, but he is AND he passed the 5 second rule.

Regardless, I still think it’s easier to just not like anyone.  I hate when I get this way.  It’s annoying.


oh, and wordpress better allow comments on this one otherwise i’m gonna get a complex.  yup, a bigger one than I already have. 😉


One Response to “I’m A Big Weenie”

  1. everevie Says:

    Ahh…the good old days of “real phones”…ones that you couldn’t take to the bathroom with you…or in the car…or outside. There was so much more freedom in that.

    Remember when there was no caller ID and you could call your crush and hang up b/c you need to make sure HIS phone is working too!

    And every once in awhile, when you called…it would be busy…and you’d freak out…thinking maybe he was calling you at the exact same second you were calling him! OMG!

    Or…we’d call and (straight up lie) ask him if he called b/c so-and-so had been hogging the phone all day.

    Man…I can’t decide if I’m happy for the advances in phone technology…or not.

    Anyhow…off to read your more current posts to see if Big Red called or not!

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