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Who’d Have Thought ……. April 27, 2011

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Cynically jaded old (not literally) me.  After how many dates over the past year and a half?  50+?  okay, probably closer to 60+ (damn that sounds sad).  You’d figure there has to be at least one guy out there that I would actually be excited about seeing again, right?  Well, aside from that shit Lemon Zinger and my Dear John letter writer, that is.  Sure, I’ve gone out with a few guys more than once, but it’s been more of an ‘eh, I’ll give it another shot’ sort of thing.  I go out, I laugh, I entertain, I prolong dates because I’m bored and like to hang in bars ;-).  I never get nervous on a date.  Really.  Unless I’m interested in a guy.  Then I stutter and run out of things to say and then when I think of something to say it’s inevitably asinine.  That’s just sort of how I roll.

So which is it you wonder?  I met Tall Red tonight.  At 6.  Well, 6:10 ’cause he was late (which was okay, because it gave me a chance to suck down a cocktail and he had texted to apologize and let me know).  We ended up meeting at some totally casual mexican-y place that actually has a drink called a ‘panty dropper’ on the menu.  No, thank you, I did not have one.  Red texted me @ 4 to see if we could change locales to this other place (thanks to his cousin who suggested a ‘more casual’ place.  uh thanks stupid.  all happy hours are casual, now mind your own business 😉 ).  While not thrilled (as I really wanted a martini and to wear my killer heels), I said sure.  So anyway I get there in my totally revamped outfit (khaki skorts, coral v-neck t, strappy sandals that I really need to stop wearing as they made me his same height).  Anywho, I certainly wasn’t going to have the space cadet of a bartender attempt a martini for me so I figured, ‘when in rome’ and got a margarita rocks.  Not a big fan of margaritas, but whatever.

So I grab a table outside while I’m waiting and he strolls in.  Tall and cute.  Wearing jeans & a t-shirt (at least it wasn’t one of those horrible Affliction things or Ed Hardy – sorry Ed) and funky boot/shoes.  I couldn’t get a read on him when he sat down (I think there was a quick hug hello in there somewhere, but don’t remember) so of course I start in on my 20 questions routine.  He’s a really nice, down to earth guy.  Didn’t try to impress me and was just himself.  Very refreshing.  Granted, i think he’s a little bit ‘lost’ at the moment, but that’s okay, I sometimes feel that way too.  Anyway, we talk, he tells me about his family, his past jobs, his adventures on Match (er, I was his 1st date – he’s only been on there a week).  I ask if he realized my age when he winked at me and he said yes, that it didn’t really matter as he’s dated all age ranges.  I may be the oldest so far though.  Eh, whatever.

He had texted me earlier in the day a few times just to check in and did admit to being nervous.  Sweet, right?  I told him not to be as I’m just a big doofy nimrod and we’d have fun.  He said he knew we’d have fun (minds out of the gutter people, he knows nothing of my affinity for kissing guys in parking lots) and that he wasn’t actually nervous, more like excited.  I, of course, had no clue how to respond, so I didn’t.  Nice, right?  I suck.

So we have a couple of drinks and I notice about an hour in I start getting a little tongue tied.  No, I wasn’t drunk, I was fucking nervous!  Hello?  I don’t get nervous.  Oy, this can’t bode well.  So anyway, he pays the tab and we wander around a (very) little bit before he suggests calling it a night.  At 8pm.  Super.  I agreed as I suppose I’m agreeable these days.  Or maybe just today.  Or more likely, just tonight.  He walked me to my car, there was a very quick and very awkward hug and he suggested we ‘do it again’.  Great.  We all know what that means.  I tell him I’d like that while all the while wondering if he really will call. 

I get in my car and immediately start obsessing over what I did wrong/right on the date.  I hate when I do that!  Luckily (or not) it rarely happens as I seldom like anyone.  Sure, I went out with Tree Trunk twice, but it’s not like I was pining away worried that he might not call.  He was nice and all, but I just didn’t care all that much either way.  I never seem to.  Not sure what makes Red different, but I do hope he calls.  I do hope that I get to see him again.  I do hope that I don’t stutter or spit or trip over my words (or trip period).

After sending an emergency text to Click (yes, I told you I turn into a complete and utter moron if I am even slightly interested in someone) asking if it would be lame for me to send a ‘thanks, i had a good time’ text (when i wouldn’t think twice about doing that with anyone else) and getting the green light from her, I did.  His response ‘good timing, I just got home and was about to say the same thing.’

What this means, if anything, I don’t know.  I have a hugely busy week and leave for Vegas on Sunday.  As he works on Friday and Saturday night and I cater on Thursday night, I think I’m screwed.

I actually think dating is easier when I don’t like the guy.  I don’t care what he thought or if I’ll ever hear from him again.  Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see………..

Oh, and here’s how little confidence I actually have sometimes:  follow this ridiculous train of thought if you can : sure, he texted me that he had a good time too, but I am thinking he’s too nice to just tell me he’s not interested, so I am waiting for him to hop on Match and send me an e-mail letting me know he doesn’t want to see me again.  I know, right?  Honest to god, I’m lame sometimes.  Oh crap, my phone just notified me of an e-mail.  I don’t want to check it 😦 

Has anyone seen my ‘game’?  I seem to have had it last week, but have obviously misplaced it …………..


4 Responses to “Who’d Have Thought …….”

  1. Struggling Dad Says:

    I’ve not followed your dating adventures for long (it’s been, what, 48 hours now?), but maybe that’s what I would do. If I was out dating right now (which is not in my near-term plans), and arranged to meet someone new, I would chat for a while then make it an early night.

    If there’s something there, there’s no rush and going out again is easy to arrange. A short first date ruins nothing.

    If there’s nothing there and everyone goes home early, less time is wasted by all. More importantly, there’s no way of knowing if just one of you is enjoying the experience. Perhaps I’m having a great time but she’s wishing for a truck to crash into the restaurant and create a big distraction so she can make a run for it.

    Safe bet is keep it short and sweet, then reflect later. Since he said was going to text you, it sounds like he enjoyed himself and will probably want to meet again. Good luck!!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Yeah, my dating adventures are well, interesting to say the least. In a nutshell, I never like anyone. The ones that I do, don’t like me. The ones I don’t inevitably think i’m awesome.

      I do a lot of stupid things on dates and never care what my date thinks – the fact that i was fairly ‘normal’ (didn’t drink to much, did kiss him (yes, I kiss guys I don’t like all the time), etc…) is one of my ‘tells’ …..

      Although I did just re-read my post and damn if it’s not drawn out and boring 😉

      I sure hope he wasn’t hoping for a truck to crash thru the restaurant, btw.

  2. I was always concerned about people who hadn’t been online dating too long…. but remember SNB was only on a couple weeks. Keep in mind that guys get way less action than we do and don’t have great dating experiences either. Maybe he’ll go on some horrid dates while you’re whooping it up in Vegas living the glamorous life, then when you get back, you hook up. Hopefully he’ll set something affirmative (hee hee, I said “firm”) up before then.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I am quite certain his tires would be properly inflated! 😉

      And if there’s a good thing for me it’s that i went against my rule about dating a guy who takes his own pic in a bathroom mirror – and it was a really bad picture too – he’s MUCH cuter in person 🙂

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