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Alive And Well …………. Unfortunately April 28, 2011

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Well, I’m not supposed to be on here today as I have my big catering gig this afternoon, but I wanted to get this one quick post in.  So I go downstairs just now and see that my work phone is all lit up signifying a text.  Great, I told my boss that I wouldn’t be working today as I was catering, so what the heck is he bothering me for?  Lucky me, it wasn’t my boss.  It was my stalker ex.  From 12+ years ago.  Who got my work number somehow off the internet as I certainly didn’t give it to him.  Who somehow thinks through all my lack of responding to his texts, his messages, his everything that I somehow give 2 shits about  him and want to ‘reconnect’.   He was just checking in to see if I am ‘still alive’?  Yup 2 heartfelt words from the biggest asshole I’ve had the misfortune to date (and live with).  Oh, and almost marry. 

Does he have a 6th sense and know that today would be a really bad day to get me all flustered or does he have an in with the airlines and know that I’m headed to Vegas on Sunday as that was his last deluded invitation to me.  To meet him there.  Either so we could get married or he could chop me into little pieces and shove me into my carry on bag before dropping into the fountain at the Bellagio?  Maybe he just wants to ensure that I don’t hook up with his hottie friend while I’m there…….

Ugh.  Want to know what my response was?  The exact same that I sent Tall Red.  That I think I love him.

HAHAHAHA.  No sillies, I didn’t send that to either of them.  And in fact, I won’t be replying at all to the ex.  Fucking tool has the worst timing EVER!


2 Responses to “Alive And Well …………. Unfortunately”

  1. I could send him a message advising that unfortunately you did, in fact, pass away and so sorry, but I knew nothing about him to invite him to the memorial service.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      good thinking. and then he could hit on you. when he’s done properly mourning my passing that is. which should take about 3.7 seconds.

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