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Vegas #2 Recap May 2, 2011

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Let me sum it up.  Drunk.  Stupid.  Met a ton of people.  No hookups (yet).  Multiple drinks.  Lobster-esque sunburn. Idiots screaming ‘bros and hos’ as a toast at the pool.  Deluded woman next to me declaring ‘e-harmony is awesome’ (really??) At the pool.  Married car wash guy hitting on me.  Bitchy blondes sitting next to me.  Sitting on the ‘non view side’ of the poker bar.  Reconsidering my station. 😉 not in life btw, just at the bar.

Here’s the thing.  I love Vegas for what it is.  I don’t know anyone.  I have a great time.  Everyone has some sort of hidden back story.  I don’t care.  Sure, I have a ‘backstory” like everyonr else.  I just don’t wallow in it is all.

I am having a great time.  Have I met anyone of quality?  Hell no!  Am I having fun? Hell yes! 

Is my typing for shit? Yup!  Is my gambling luck mediocre?  Yup.  Am I having fun?  Hell yes!

Moral of MY story?  Don’t worry so miuch about what other people think.  Just have fun!

Oh, and hell yeaj I’m drunk off my ass!

Viva Las Vegas!


5 Responses to “Vegas #2 Recap”

  1. What the hell is “the non view side” of a poker table?? Wish I were there! !!!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Well my friend, that would be the backside of the bar where not only can no one see you, whare you cannot scan the rest of the bar.

      Wish u were here too! 🙂

  2. Surrey gal Says:

    We need to go on holiday together, girl!

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