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How To Vacation Alone May 3, 2011

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Funny that it never occured to me that singletons, such as myself, were trepidatious about traveling alone.  I’ve done it for so many years, that I guess it’s just second nature.

I have no issues with speaking to strangers.  I don’t have issues eating alone (if there is no chance of some schmuck from high school recognizing me).  I have no issue about drinking too much (obviously).  Or making an ass of myself.  The thing is, when I travel I am pretty much guaranteed not to know anyone, so I don’t really give a shit what others think of me.

You don’t have to follow anyone else’s agenda, you can do what you want when you want. As long as you are at least slightly responsible and are safe about it, why let the fact that you don’t have anyone to go with stop you from doing the things you want?

Sure, I’ve heard of those that meet ‘the one’ while on vacay.  Whatever.  I’m calling bullshit.  Sure, I’ve met tons of great people while away, but ‘the one’ hell no! Not even close.

Traveling alone is no big feat.  Be confident, be safe, have a good time.

Act like an ass.  Drink too much.  Be an idiot.  Who cares?  There is no one to bear witness

While I’ve made absolutely no secret about my love of drinking while on vacation, I assume you could try it sober; that thought has just never crossed my mind.

. Live it up, have a blast, and deal with the hangover later.  🙂

You can do it!



9 Responses to “How To Vacation Alone”

  1. ifUseekAmy Says:

    I, too, have vacationed alone and it is extremely liberating. And as you said, you get to do what you what, go where you want, when you want. I love it. But then again, when I was strolling around Paris about 7 years ago, I wished I had someone to share that stroll with…

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      sure there are times when it sorta sucks, but I don’t ever want to miss out on doing something because I don’t have anyone to go with

  2. Good for you! You made me feel a bit adventurous. I might – MIGHT – consider eating somewhere alone. Anyway, if I don’t start feeling comfortable with things like that it’s gonna be a long six months in a new country.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      you can do it! an easy way to go to a restuarant alone is to eat at the bar if you don’t want to sit at a table by yourself. most restaurants serve their full menu at the bar and that way you have the bartender to chat with if you want.

  3. You are way more brave than I.

  4. everevie Says:

    I am a geek who always wants to go on “educational” vacations to places where I can visit historical sites and museums. None of my peeps ever want to do that (I can’t imagine why!).

    So maybe I can go on vacation by myself and nerd it up all over the place!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      embrace your inner nerdiness Evie! ’cause hell no, i’m not going on any sort of ‘educational’ vacay ……… sand, sun, cocktails …….. a good book, a great view (of hot men) and relax ……… that’s my sorta vacation

  5. […] I was with my awesome BFF who is Ms. Responsibility (and also a newlywed who missed her hubby the whole time)…and my other friend, who is Mormon (she doesn’t drink).  So…my wings were somewhat clipped. Next time, I should go with Grey Goose….because that girl knows how to do it up right!! […]

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