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I Passed! May 5, 2011

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Inspection, that is.  Bachelor #3 apparently liked my pics (and was sweet enough to tell me so ~ of course in a funny way) and wrote me back immediately.  🙂

Bachelor #2 apparently does not think I am a total moron as he called me back as well.  He’ll probably sneak some sort of psychological quiz into our convo once our game of phone tag ends, just to make sure I have some sort of social graces, but whatever.

So I have a date tomorrow night with Skinny Guy, hopefully will get to meet Bachelor #1 & Bachelor #3 sometime in the near future.  Huh, it seems as if the world is plotting something really big (and really bad) and is just distracting me by throwing me off my usually cynical self and letting my guard down.

Any bets on how long it takes me to alienate every single one of these guys? 😉  My money is on next Tuesday …………

 It’s only happened a couple time before that I was happy about more than one guy that I had yet to meet at once, and it wasn’t pretty in the end.


11 Responses to “I Passed!”

  1. mysterycoach Says:

    Ooh I know what you mean… be a place in the middle. Just be yourself and pay attention to them. Treat them like an old friend but pay attention. Meaning, hell I’d be nervous but go, listen, relax and be yourself …

    Hell I snort when I’m nervous sometimes when I laugh so 🙂 Beat that…

    Okay, deep breaths! I can feel the excitement from here! 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Haha. Thanks MC. I’m almost always myself. It’s just a matter of how chatty I’m being. I always opt to ask tons of questions (whether I’m interested or not), so no worries on that front either …….

      I always laugh when I’m nervous. But I laugh a lot anyway, so the guys can’t really tell the difference.

      I’ll keep ya’ posted!

    • everevie Says:

      Noooo! Grey! Whatever you do…DON’T be yourself.

      Instead, be a mysterious, Austrian Princess who has been run out of town by her domineering step-monster. Tell your date you must find an American male to fall in love with you by the stroke of midnight on May 31st…or all will be lost!!

      All what? Who cares! It’s the intrigue…the mystery…the challenge…that will excite your suitors!!!

      P.S. Just kidding. Although, it would be fun to do that sometime with someone you don’t care about impressing.

      P.P.S And by fun, I meant fun for us…your readers. 🙂

  2. mysterycoach Says:

    I’m sure you are… I just get excited for people and I really, from the bottom of my little heart want to see them happy. I do, even if I’ve just met them… I can’t help it. I think bad people should go live on an island together 🙂 and I think that the rest of us are going around trying to figure everything out.

    So, know that I always intend well, when I write things. LOL I know what you mean all that giggling and for me, it’s like I tell me … STOP THAT! and then I’m stuck and I can’t… hahaha!

    That hasn’t happened in a while but … it has. I’m like, whatta moron? (me) You know … guys, sometimes have no clue and I”m direct and I say what I mean and mean what I say. I do my best I just think it would be cool if they would too.

    And I totally hope one of these test dummies works out for you. I do…Hell yes ask questions!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      haha ‘test dummies’ ….. classic! and sadly fitting in the world of internet dating …….

      oh, i absolutely know that you mean well in whatever you write. you’re nice like that 😉

      and yes, it would be flippin’ awesome if guys could learn to just spit it out and mean what they say or just not say it at all …… i would rather get to know someone ‘real’; faults and all over someone who tries to portray themselves as awesome 100% of the time ……..

      and funny, but there is now a 3rd player in the game who is still hysterical, however, uses the wrong words in places ……. not ADD bad, mind you, but we’ll see ………

    • everevie Says:

      T lives on an island. He prolly would let the “bad” people come live with him.

      • mysterycoach Says:

        Well I mean, not to be calloused but it’s like a revolving door of faces and no substance really. Which is a shame. Yes, it would be very refreshing to have a conversation with a guy who is articulate and you enjoy the conversation. Even if there is no chemistry, you can just talk.

        Men and women have a lot in common. They just don’t see it. What bothers me the most is … all the variables that make people who they are and @#$ things up. No one’s perfect, we all have our stuff …

        A third player… uh oh. I think internet dating is … a convenience and easier to meet a slew of people, after a while though (like it did for me) it wore off and I was getting quantity, not quality. Blegh…

      • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

        I think they already do 😉

        • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

          I don’t like the ‘more is better’ approach of internet dating but it is a game of numbers I think. I am honestly searching for a good one, I just haven’t been lucky enough to find one. The fact that 3 people are interested in me on the same weekend, although not a great scenario, is just a timing issue. I am not going to pass up meeting any of them as one of them could be really great (probably not though 😉 )

          • mysterycoach Says:

            You never know … the only difference (which to me seems significant) with internet dating, to me, is in a live setting you can see things automaticalky you don’t like, and you don’t have to go on a literal date to see what they’re like because you already have a sense for the person. It seems that way to me anyway. I hope you have a good time at minimum 🙂

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