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Who’s A Studmuffin? May 5, 2011

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Well, certainly not me. 😉  Any other time that I’ve had more than one date/meeting/interview/tortuous happy hour planned for the same weekend has never worked out well.  Remember the time when I had 3 things set up?  1 on Friday, 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday and then Friday’s guy was an ass, Saturday’s guy stood me up and Sunday’s guy cancelled?  Yeah, that’s happened a few times to me.  Big douchebags.  As I ended up meeting them all in the end and didn’t like one of them, it all worked out for the best. 

Anyway, this is the reason why I am inherently nervous about planning more than one thing with one guy for the same weekend.  C’mon now though, what are the odds of me ever having 3 seemingly normal guys interested in me all at once again though right?  So I figure why not tempt fate.  Snub my nose at convention.  Live on the edge.  Eh, whatever………. So I am meeting Skinny Guy at 5pm for happy hour at a place somewhat near me (yet, he failed on his choice of location) and I really don’t know what to expect.  He’s nice, he’s smart as hell, I’m just so NOT excited about the ‘skinny’ factor.  That would make 3 manorexics in a little over a month for me.  No, I’m not fat, but hell, I’m a foodie for crying out loud.  Momma loves her restaurants!  Ooopsie, got a bit off topic there.  So I am meeting Skinny Guy at 5 and hope to hell that he’s not really ‘skinny’. 

Bachelor #1 (who I think I mistakenly referred to as Bachelor #2 in my last post – geesh so tough keeping all my men straight 😉 ) did call me back.  He seems very nice.  He just joined E-Harmony.  We didn’t really get into the whole ‘why did you join’, ‘when was your last relationship’, whatever as I don’t really care.  So we spoke and despite my moronic message, he does not seem to think I’m a complete idiot.  He suggested getting together.  He suggested getting together for lunch.  He suggested getting together for lunch tomorrow!  Er, yup, I now have a 1pm AND a 5pm!  Do I need to change clothes in between?

As much as I am not a fan in any way shape or form of a daytime date or having a meal with someone (as making a quick getaway is a bit more challenging), when I suggested meeting for a drink, he said that would have to be scheduled into next week.  Whatever, apparently someone is a busy boy! 😉  Good for him.  As I have Chelsea Handler tickets for the 13th though, I need to get my 3 possibles through the screening process to see if any are worthy of being my date or if Michelle is the lucky winner of the seat next to me. 😉

Holy shit!  I have 2 dates tomorrow.  And one I couldn’t pick out of a line-up as I have no clue what he looks like!  Crap!


17 Responses to “Who’s A Studmuffin?”

  1. I told you, you should go on vacation more often 😉

    I think it sounds great with a lunch date! First of all i imagine there’s a bit less pressure than with dinner. I mean, a lunch can be just one hour and then you can say there’s a work thing you need to deal with if things ate awkward. Plus, the fact that he suggested his first available time shows he really wants to meet you 😉

    But I can’t help being reminded about the SATC episode where Charlotte has two dates on the sane evening and gets caught. Just make sure you don’t use the illness excuse if the lunch date is going well 😉

  2. receiptsinthebag Says:

    Hahahaaa!! Love it!! Line em up!!!

  3. I’m still waiting to hear if are you going to play the Wild Card and tell lucky Bachelor #1 that you didn’t save any of his contact details from e-Harmonty.

    Be sure to tell him that your gentle (verbal) probing is not that you actually care (yet)…you’re just trying to remember something useful about him. And tell him that if you suddenly say, “OH…RIGHT… It’s YOU!” in the middle of the meal, he shouldn’t dart for the exit; it means you’ve just placed who he is.

    It’s a small point I know, but aren’t studmuffins male? 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      hahahaha, you’re great Sean. Did you know I took acting classes in high school? I used to tour all over the states. I was Becky Thatcher’s mom in the CenterStage production of Tom & Huck ya’ know……

      The moral of that useless piece of info? Guy don’t know when I don’t much care. It’s a gift really ……. 😉

      Oh and yes, i plan on telling both of my mystery e-harmony dates that I had no real clue who they would be when they showed up but knew they couldn’t be ‘that horrible’ since i even bothered to e mail them 😉

      And you’re right ……. I’m a studmuffinette!

  4. Surrey gal Says:

    You ARE keeping yourself busy!!! That’s the way to go 😀

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      sorta strange Surrey; usually no one is interested. Maybe they’re all friends and this is just one big ole’ cruel joke…

  5. mysterycoach Says:

    LOL No you don’t have to change clothes … LOL 🙂 (I know you were kidding) … just pretend it’s two separate weddings and you don’t know anyone from either of them so it doesn’t matter. Hahahaha!

    Hey, I mean you can just get to know the one guy whose profile you don’t remember from scratch. Why not? I mean, writing down who they think they are is different (as you know) than who they are in person, so… not a big deal.

    Have a very good time 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Thanks MC. Being as it’s going to be 100 today, I may actually need to change clothes in between. 😉

      I pretty much discount their written profiles once i meet anyway. I have an a different approach to 1st dates than many. I don’t ‘interview’ I just talk to them and see if they can hold a conversation. All the details I need to know ‘are they a good person, etc…’ come out in regular conversation and they are none the wiser 🙂

  6. mysterycoach Says:

    You’re right Grey, I do the same thing… it’s like… I know we do need to know things about a person but remember when you just had conversations? I like tha better myself… Have a good time.

    ick, 100 degrees…I hope there’s a nice breeze there. OMG nothing like getting dolled up for a date and then the heat hits you and your make-up is all messed up… I’m babbling, I’m really tired today… ugh, I can’t wait to go home.

  7. I say who cares if they know you have two dates in the same day. You’re dating and that’s what happens when you’re a hot commodity. Good for them know they need to step it up 😉

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      hahahahaha, me? a hot commodity? that’s one for the books. 😉

      very very odd though that 2 of my 3 contacted me back having no clue what i looked like and didn’t run away screaming like little girls when i sent them my pics ……… go figure

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