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It Has GOT To Be A Full Moon…….. May 6, 2011

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Okay, so what?  My house is going to burn down?  My dogs are going to run away?  I’m going to fall down the stairs?  I don’t generally have very good luck in the dating department.  Oopsie, I know that came as a shocker, huh?  😉  The 3 of you that have been with me from the start know of what I speak.  There were these guysAnd these guys.  And then the last time I tried to schedule a 3-fer. 😉  Nothing good came of any of it.  I tend to jinx myself when I get optimistic.  Or the guys just turn out to suck. 

Here’s the thing though.  I’m usually pretty apathetic about my dates.  I am never quite sure if I’m excited to meet them or not, and then the ones that I am generally excited about meeting, I try to talk myself out of that.  I don’t like getting my hopes up and being disappointed.  I would rather go into things expecting the worst and then being excited about anything over and above horrid. 🙂  Way to set the bar low people.

So as I’m sitting here tonight minding my own business and trying, for the life of me to figure out what the E-harmony guys look like (to no avail), my phone starts going off.  Letting me know I have a text.  Repeatedly.  When I pick it up to see who it was, I am a little surprised as I’ve just received, at pretty much the same time, texts from 3 different guys.  And you better sit down for one of them. 😉

Bachelor #1 confirmed our lunch date for tomorrow

Bachelor #2 (the newest e-harmony guy and the one that i am *shhh* most excited about) is texting me to set up something for Saturday

Skinny Guy texts me to confirm tomorrow night

and ready for this one?  Lil Red (nope, not Big Red) texts me to see how Vegas was and shoot the shit.  Huh?

It’s a damn good thing I finally gave in, got a ‘real’ phone and learned to text message!

This shit never happens.  Now, if I trip when meeting each and every guy, call at least one of them by the wrong name and get their ‘backstories’ mixed up, then I’ll know all is right with the world. 😉


and holy shit, could I have inserted any more stupid smiley, winky emoticons into this post.  my deepest apologies.


9 Responses to “It Has GOT To Be A Full Moon……..”

  1. Surrey gal Says:

    Ha ha ha! Call them all “baby” or “honey” and you will be fine. And if not sure, don’t say anything just smile and nod 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      haha. I’ve done that before! I’ve also fibbed when I forget someone’s name and then run into a friend. I will tell my nameless date that i have forgotten my friend’s name (lie) and that if they wouldn’t mind introducing themselves so ‘my friend’ doesn’t realize I’ve forgotten their name, that would be great 😉 Then I listen real close when my date says his name! 🙂

  2. mysterycoach Says:

    ROFL! Try using the word “hun” a lot when you meet them, take a picture of their profile picture with your phone, if you have that feature and put it as a contact picture next to their number. 🙂 TA DA! You can’t forget what they look like or whose name is whose… juggling is no joke.

    Little tip so you don’t NOT recognize a number thereby actually assuming it’s one person you’ve just met and it not being the same person. And this way you’ll never get a text or a phone call if you want to avoid them, and respond by mistake. Course we do know what we like and tend to NOT forget but… I make sure of it. LOL

    It’s nice to be giddy and I know, you don’t want to have all these expectations and then THUMP … nuttin… da’shame. It is disappointing. I hear ya. You’ll be okay … I know you know that but I thought I’d say it anyway and If I knew a bunch of emoticons I’d put them down here but I don’t! LOL How bout… uh…

    @%%^@4(^*^)*&^() instead? LOL

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      thanks 🙂 I always put their 1st name and then the horrid dating website that i ‘know’ them from as their last name ….. the picture thing might be toughie to pull off …….

  3. everevie Says:

    The apropos cliche that comes to mind: “When it rains it pours”.

    I’m so creative. No?

    Mind sending a little rain this way?

  4. […] while I fully realize that this weekend comes nowhere close to my exhausting (and asinine) 7 dates in 5 days from last year (which you may recall ended not so awesomely), I’m kinda proud of myself for […]

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