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It Takes So Little…….. May 6, 2011

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Really, it takes so little to make me happy.  Partly because I am a tremendous dork and partly because I just like little niceties (and mainly because so many guys have set the bar SO low).  So Bachelor #2 (Saturday’s date), texted me a very sweet good morning message and followed it up with a totally funny snarky comment.  We all know how I love the snark.  We texted back and forth for a bit and he’s just a really good guy.  Yes, I know, I’ve said that about several only to be proven horribly wrong, but whatever.  I remain optimistic.  He wanted to move our date up to tonight, but being as I’m already er, booked, I told him I couldn’t.

It’s funny.  The fact that I have absolutely no clue what he looks like is a good thing for me I think.  I mean I have NO CLUE.  All I know is he couldn’t have been horrifying because I e-mailed him initially and although everyone deserved to be loved (even the ugly ones 😉 ), I am not the one to do it.  Damn that sounded bitchy, but really, there has to be a physical attraction.  Anyone that says otherwise is either a liar or exceptionally nearsighted.  Sure looks mean a lot to me as I’m a superficial bitch that way, but here’s my question regarding him.  Was I in one of my ‘giving’ moods where I thought ‘eh, he’s not so bad, so i’ll see what happens’ or was I more like ‘hot damn, he’s cute!’.  I sort of like not knowing what he looks like.  Takes the superficiality out of the equation ………. for now.  😉  It will be odd though, just like with my lunch date today, having no clue what they look like and I will therefore show NO signs of recognition as they walk towards me.  I’m going to have to fess up about not remembering what they look like so they don’t think I’m a totally  heartless and aloof bitch.  They can find that out later, on their own………


20 Responses to “It Takes So Little……..”

  1. I’m going out on a limb here and predict that at least one of these three guys makes it to a THIRD date in the future. The planets are aligned, the mood is right for a match, the ‘meet-cute’ is set up, etc. (Hey, I read somewhere that the planets REALLY ARE aligned! Not that it has make a real difference, of course.)

  2. “..that it has make…” ?? Must remember to read before I hit *sigh*

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      haha, i skip entire words when i’m typing, so no worries about your little grammatical faux pas ……

      Sean, I don’t know if you’ve taken a gander at my ‘stats’, but VERY FEW have ever made it to a 3rd date. Baby steps, my dear. Let’s just see if I can get through the 1st dates without scaring all of them off!

  3. LOL … now my follow-up to my own typo is screwed up! I put “Post Comment” in angle brackets (right before the *sigh). WordPress decided it didn’t like my “HTML” and ignored it. Now I look even sillier than before. Geez.

  4. And if anyone mentions that I have a typo in my THIRD attempt to get it right, I’m going to stamp my feet and sulk like a 2-year old. Who says I have to grow up?

  5. mysterycoach Says:

    Honestly? I don’t think you’re being superficial all. We have preferences, period. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that at all. Seriously… Hmmph. 🙂

    I know what you mean you get all excited over them… it’s really a cool feeling too. I like it myself..

    Wouldja please stop calling yourself a bitch? I hate that word… well, I mean Okay… I’ll shut up, I just hate that word. I don’t detect bitch in your posts. So… ya know.. anyway. Man I’m tired today… gotta go! Lunch is almost over.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      hey, at least I don’t call myself a whore 😉

      i am the opposite of some in ‘touting’ my awesomeness. i go the self deprecating route. i know i’m not a bitch. i just want to beat anyone to the punch who does though. haha

      • mysterycoach Says:

        Nah, don’t do the self depreciating thing… we like you. And you’re awesome much like I’m adorable if I do say so myself… sexy, intelligent, funny, etc., etc., etc., I like me. I have flaws like anyone else, insecurities too…

        As for anyone who would say that to you? Don’t beat them to it by putting yourself down, tell them not to disrespect you period. Hmmph!

        I’ve always hated when guys call women bitches, it’s irritating. It’s worse to me than the “C” word.

        • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

          well sure, guys can’t do it. but being sarcastic and self deprecating is who i am – how i’ve always been – how i will continue to be – those that don’t get it aren’t for anyway ……

          thank you for the nice compliments; believe me when I say i know that i’m a good person, i just like to make fun of myself as well – those that take themselves so seriously sorta make me want to barf ……

      • everevie Says:

        Hey whore…quit being such a bitch already! Gah. 🙂

  6. everevie Says:

    Now that I’m done commenting on the comments…how bout I comment on the post?? You likey?

    Okay…so I’m with Sean…I’m feeling some good mojo working here. I’m thinking one of the three will be attending Chelsea with you.

    BTW…wouldn’t it be ironic if E-Whoremany is the site that offered up your One True Love on a silver platter?? You might owe them an apology note. 🙂

  7. Keeping everything crossed for you today. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

  8. Surrey gal Says:

    you really don’t know how he looks like? What if he is very, very short, very, very skinny and very very ugly?
    You are a brave girl, that’s for sure!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      haha – then it will be a VERY short date 😉 he can’t be any of the above as I messaged him 1st. I do know that he’s tall (6’3″), but that’s all I remember ……

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