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3 For 3? May 7, 2011

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Could I be so lucky?  3 guys, 3 dates, 3 potential 2nd dates?  As you know (the 3 of you that care), tonight’s date with bachelor #3 (who I believe I’ve referred to as #2 in the past – oh well, whatever, we’ll call him the Tall Guy) got moved to lunch.  He was excited to see me.  He sent me cute text messages all the way there and was very funny and sweet.  He told me he’d be wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt, so hopefully I’d be able to spot him and not have some blank look on my face when he walked up to me.  I still wasn’t sure that I’d recognize him so I was ‘shopping’ at the Banana Republic across the street while surreptitiously checking out every guy in a blue shirt that walked past.  Nope too short.  Nope too old.  Nope, wrong ethnicity.  Nope, I sure hope that one right there isn’t him.  Oh shit, it is.

Tall and gangly and reminded me a bit of Beaker from Sesame Street.  He had a great smile, a very disconcerting lascivious laugh and was just WAY too interested in everything I had to say.  I felt like I was being interviewed and he was practically on the edge of his seat waiting to hear my responses.  Although he was very intent on pretty much grilling me, it’s not as if he actually paid attention to the actual answers.  He asked about my family and I told him that I wasn’t very close with them.  He then proceeded to ask me about 10 more questions about my family.  Erm……………. Yup, he was nice as can be.  Actually probably too nice.  Nope, we pretty much have nothing in common.  Yup, conversation was stilted and awkward.  I’m not sure if he suffers from ADD or what but he would only answer half a question before going off on another tangent.  He’s also one of those TMI guys.  Not quite sure why I know that he hasn’t had a physical in 4 years, but I do.  I just sort of found his personality a little annoying.  And I wasn’t attracted to him.  And I was sober.  Not a good pairing……

Pretty sure he wasn’t feeling me (literally or figuratively) either.  He walked me almost to my car, gave me a hug, said ‘we should make this happen again’ (?) and off he went.  Exactly 1.2 hours after we met.  Eh, at least lunch was good.

2 out of 3 isn’t so bad, is it?  Now we just have to wait and see if I hear from either of yesterday’s dates again (although Skinny Guy from last night did text me this morning but his phone does this weird assed thing where he doesn’t actually receive my texts until the next day, so I will never know if he’s just not getting my texts or if he’s intentionally ignoring me).  Nice.  Not like I can overthink the shit out of something like that, right? 😉

And that, my friends, ends my fun filled, date filled, food filled weekend.  I now return you to our regularly scheduled program of sarcasm, snark, random shit and heaven only knows what else. 😉


9 Responses to “3 For 3?”

  1. mysterycoach Says:

    I have issues with phones that seem to have these “issues” because technology today is NOT that backwards. But, I can understand giving the benefit of the doubt., I knew someone and where he lived, you could get it way later because you’d drive a few miles and have no signal at all. So, who knows…

    Listen, we all can over think something. Congratulations, you’re normal. 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      his phone really is screwed up – he showed me last night that he hadn’t received anything after i showed him the texts i sent – he let me know that they all came through this morning when he powered his phone on/off ~ i don’t think he’s a liar …… he has no reason to be ….

      no worries whatever happens, i’m just lucky i got to go on 3 dates, like 2 of them and then anything beyond that is out of my control …….

      • mysterycoach Says:

        Makes sense… I have to restart my phone from time to time too. 🙂 So you’ll see … 🙂

  2. OK, so 2 out of 3 is pretty good. Let’s get those 2nd dates lined up so I can see if I win my ‘bet’ about you ending up on a 3rd date with at least one of them. And go buy yourself an iPad or something so you can have all their key details subtly in front of you when you’re with them on date #2 … you might not get a 2nd free pass for confusing who was who!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      The ball is in their court now, Sean. I won’t ask a guy out for a 2nd date (and yes, I know you’re going to bring up stupid Big Red, but see how great that one worked out for me?)

      Hopefully I’ll hear from them again and pretty sure I will from last night’s guy (but I’m usually wrong) 😉 so I guess I’m going to have to try and be patient and see. Dammit!

      And yes, I’ll study up beforehand….

  3. I think it might be a good thing that #3 didn’t work out. You don’t want to use all your man-luck on the first few dates 😉

    And I’m sure you’ll hear from both of the others again. But while you’re studying up, could you think of some better names for them? I tried following as well as I could, but I’m beginning to get confused now 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      🙂 Thanks BAS. Haha ‘man luck’. I don’t really seem to have much of that actually.

      I am hoping to hear from them again, and yes, I will absolutely work on renaming them. So sorry for the confusion. 😉 hee hee

  4. Surrey gal Says:

    2 out of 3 is brilliant!!! Can’t wait for details on second dates!

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