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I’m Moving To DC ……… Immediately! May 7, 2011

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OMG, so one of my favorite new blog buddies Sean just sent me the FUNNIEST thing ever!  We all know my love of the euphemism ‘bike riding’ for well, you know, not bike riding right?  Take a gander at this article that he pulled from a news organization that apparently follows my blog (along with Miss Cleo, of course) as it was custom written for me!!!  He was nice enough to forward it on and I in turn, being the giver that I am, am posting it for all to read!

“… the District of Columbia has seen a surge in the number of bicyclists. It’s a trend that should be celebrated and fostered. … Initiatives to make the city bike-friendly were a hallmark of former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty … An innovative bike-sharing program was introduced and expanded … a vigorous public relations campaign was launched … Judging by the numbers, it has worked. The city’s annual snapshot of bicycle ridership showed an 80 percent increase in daily bicycle ridership from 2007 to 2010. Disturbingly, though, the increase has been accompanied by a rise in accidents. Figures … show a 28 percent increase in cyclist injuries and fatalities from 2009 to 2010.”

 Sean was nice enough to send along some questions for me to ponder as well …….. being such a serious topic, I felt it only responsible to answer in the spirit of the article; with the utmost care and articulation.  Or just maybe with stupid snarkiness…….
I for one am all for any town that would run a ‘vigorous’ PR campaign promoting bike riding. 🙂
… You’ll probably envy the “80 percent increase in daily bicycle ridership from 2007 to 2010” right? [I know I envy it] ~ well duh, of course I envy it.  i haven’t gotten a good bike ride in in way too long, so am just a tad bitter about all this bragging…..the closest I’ve gotten this year is from a short little obsessive man with improperly inflated tires and no air pump to be found.
… what do they mean by an “innovative bike-sharing program”? ~ this my friend, is where one takes a spin or 20 on a bike, decides that possibly they might like the one with a different seat or tire inflation better and therefore trades with someone less enamoured of their current bike.  It’s a very environmentally friendly concept in that old bikes just keep getting passed around until they can no long perform when they will sadly be dumped at the old bike graveyard and then proceed to try to find a match via the internet 😉
… Injuries? “FATALITIES?  *gasp* ~ damn, I’m doing something wrong!  Well wait, there was that one time that I pinched a nerve in my leg thanks to a slightly acrobatic attempt on my part …… and I think there was a wingback chair involved as well, but that was long long ago when I used to do tricks with my bike.  Please all, know the importance of proper stretching before hoping on a bike and taking it for a spin.

So I ask  you, why the hell is my city not taking on such an initiative?  You have GOT to love a city that promotes vigorous and frequent bike rides and bike sharing.  Now that’s my kinda town!  I’m moving next week …………


6 Responses to “I’m Moving To DC ……… Immediately!”

  1. mysterycoach Says:


  2. stevesw Says:

    Your post was quite motivating, (besides thinking about you moving here, since I live south of D.C.). Just the other day I said to myself, ‘self, your bike has been not out on a ride for a while, let’s get it tuned up for spring.’ So I sent in a free profile to eHorrorme. As for ‘old guys with improperly inflated tires,’ or any guy/gal, the old adage ‘once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget’ is not totally untrue. From the prospective riding partners you have been writing about, and the world of conservative people I live in, I would say they may have taken off the training wheels, and even once did a quick front end off the ground trick in the dark – let alone someone find out they were ‘reckless’ – nevertheless, they don’t understand that bike riding is a ‘total’ experience. Long trips are nice, but short spins can be just as enjoyable if you appreciate the scenery. If one of the three prospects does win, I hope he takes the time to lovingly smooth away the ‘dust’ on your bike from handle bars to…all over

    • stevesw Says:

      oooopppss, the adage part should have read ‘not totally true.’ (guess I was thinking about your bike).

      • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

        haha Steve, let’s hope they aren’t just into fast sprints to the finish line 😉 but that, my dear friend is way off into the distance as I’m a little picky on who actually gets to take me out for a spin

  3. Glad you liked the article. My eyes popped as I read it. Thanks to you, I will snigger at work whenever talks about cycling and people will stare. 🙂

    Though you’d be impressed by the big increase in “daily bicycle ridership” as that has to be an intereresting statistical anomaly. Feeling fit, are we?!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I would like to be able to increase my daily bicycle ridership too 🙂 it’s not hard to increase from zero though ……. oh wait, maybe it is ……

      you’re awesome Sean!

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