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Ass Backwards ……… Again May 9, 2011

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Well, as is par for the course, just when I think I have my ‘rankings’ set and also think I have a good read on the guys, I am all wrong.  Again.  I would have bet money that I would have heard back from Skinny Guy (who I have to think up a better name for as he’s not that skinny) before Lunch Date Guy (yeah, this name sucks too ~ you know you’ve dated too much when you start running out of nicknames for them all 😉 ).  Nope, not so much.

Although Skinny Guy did send me a text on Saturday morning letting me know he had a great time the night before, I haven’t heard from him again.  😦 Boo.  I did, however hear from Lunch Date Guy and he suggested we get together very soon for a Dirty Martini themed happy hour. 🙂

Here’s the dilema.  My week is CRAZY busy.  Moreso than usual.  With work and well, play.  I have exactly one time slot left open this week (damn, I sound like a beauty parlor) and I sort of wanted to save it in case I heard from Skinny Guy, but I guess if he’s going to dick around and either wait to ask me out again or just be a douche and not call at all, he deserves to be punished and pushed into next week, right? :-0

So, I am working both jobs every day this week.  As far as nights go, take a gander:

Monday : 7pm 1st date with 34 year old guy from Chemistry who was uber nice on the phone

Tuesday : 6pm 1st date with guy from Match who actually messaged with me a while last year and I can’t remember why we never met (could be good, could be bad)

Wednesday : 2nd date Happy Hour with Lunch Date Guy

Thursday : I have grounded myself as I cater at 5am on Friday

Friday : Chelsea Handler with ……….. drumroll please ………… my friend Michelle!!! yey!  I figured that even though I do have guys I could invite, why bother when I know I’ll have a great time with Michelle!  Dinner, drinks & Chelsea!

Saturday : grounded again as I’m catering on Sunday

Hmmmm, not quite sure when it is that I’m actually going to be able to sleep this week (or get my 2nd job done for that matter), but this week certainly won’t be boring! 🙂 You only live once, right?


oh, and as an odd aside that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, Little Red texted me last night.  And on Friday.  To shoot the shit.  And tell me where they were going out.  And he keeps checking out my profile on OkStupid.  Uhm, Why?  I realize I’m awesome and all (ha!), but he opted out of meeting me, so I’m a little confused on what he’s doing ……..


11 Responses to “Ass Backwards ……… Again”

  1. mysterycoach Says:

    You know? If you wanted to, you could always cancel one of your dates if you really want to see one guy over the other. 🙂 ?

    I hate being confused when they text you just to talk or come by your profile and stuff. He’s not acting like a man whose going to do much of anything. Texting is not attention from a guy. Not the kind that shows the interest of a man whose actually going to show up and take action. I had a couple guys who were just find with texting … but when asked a direct question, they ran like little girls. Meaning when they texted me I suggested that I’m old school and would like to talk on the phone and POOF… Like magic, no more texting. It sure cut down on the confusion on my part this 1/2 A$$ed interest …

    A male friend of mine put it this way when I asked him for advise many months ago about country boy, “He’s a man and I’d be surprised how many things a man will shift around to be with you.” Texting, is not shifting anything around. To me, it’s just a … small means of communication reserved for sweet nothings, cute hello’s and contact until you actually get to talk to them front and center. Texting… as my other friend said, “is not effort”. Try not to be confused … I hate wondering what’s up myself when they’ve done this, I put them on the spot and poof… not more texting and subsequently no more confusion. Just some food for thought this morning.

    Goes to what do you want from a man. If he gives good phone… and nothing else, you can do that with a potential partner who has taken action and shown up. Hmmph… LOL 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I don’t mind Little Red texting me. He’s funny and actually very nice. He checks in every now and again with me ~ I think he’s just lonely? Who knows…… no harm, no foul. Apparently we’re texting buddies which is fine, I just don’t understand why he keeps looking at my profile online.

  2. mysterycoach Says:

    As long as your happy. I have a little (or big) mark about texting relationships and how they can evolve into more. I’m leary about them now… I don’t want to go through it ever again. If you guys are friends and you’re okay with it 🙂 Then enjoy it… that’s really cool 🙂 You could ask him?

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      texting relationships don’t evolve into more, but we had decided that we would be ‘pals’, so it’s all good.

  3. Busy, but fun week! Just make sure you have time to blog about the dates 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      🙂 I will do my best! And hopefully they will be fun posts and not ‘he was ginormous douchebag’ posts ……. although those are fun too 😉

  4. everevie Says:

    I thought you and LiL Red decided to be bff’s…right? So he’s allowed to text you random shit whenever he likes. I checked the handbook for bff’s and it’s in there.

    And I’m sure he checks your profile…b/c…well, you’re hot. And men like looking at pics of hot chicks. 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      🙂 you’re good for my ego, Evie.

      And yes, it is in the bff handbook that they can text whenever they want 🙂

  5. Surrey gal Says:

    I think he’s checking your profile because he is interested in you, even though he might have said he wants to be friends. He is having second thoughts and stuff.
    Enjoy your busy week, you can always squeeze one more guy for a “midnight date”. Perhaps this could become a new trend in the dating world!

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