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Make Him Stop Already May 10, 2011

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So how is it that the guys that I want to call me don’t, yet the ones I have been trying to get rid of for YEARS still haunt me?  WTF?  My shitty ex from going on 14 fucking years ago, who somehow found me and my phone number and seems to think I give 2 shits about him anymore has starting texting me again.  Which I guess is better than the incessant phone calls of last year.  Anyway, being the asshole that he is, he never inquires how I am or anything having to do with my wellbeing.  Oh wait, I stand corrected.  His ‘still alive?’ text from last week I guess counts as that.  When I failed to respond to him, I received a ‘I take that as a no’ text 2 days later.  To which I promptly deleted and ignored that one as well. 

Today I go downstairs to find this waiting for me on my phone ‘Have you figured out why David and I were so close?’  Like I give a shit why he does or did anything in his life anymore.  He was and still is a very bad person with a somewhat black heart.  Every time I think of him I get pissed that it took me so long to see his true colors and allowed him to take advantage of me for so long.  Yeah sure, I have the ability to be a tremendous bitch, but guess what?  I’m kinda not.  I thought I could help him.  Fix him.  Ha!  I couldn’t.  He didn’t want help.  Mine or anyone else’s.  He just took whatever he wanted from people and never looked back.  Until me, I guess.  I’ll never forget the look on his face when I told him I was leaving.  He couldn’t believe it.  Total surprise.  Really asshole?  I don’t hate many people in this world as it’s sort of draining and not worth the effort.  I push him out of my memory and try to forget that entire phase of my life.  I’m not a weak woman.  I don’t allow people to take advantage of me.  I have a fairly accurate bullshit detector.  That stupid ass saying about love being blind is apparently a little bit true.  Damn it.  Every time he texts me, or stalks me on FB or calls me just brings all those bad memories crashing back.  Awesome.

Now keep in mind that David is his hottie friend that lives in Vegas.  The one that I considered looking up when I was there last year just to see if he was as cute as I remembered.  I never called him.  Nor did I call him this last time I was in Vegas either.  Anyway, he sends me that stupid text this morning and I’m just done.  I’ve got too much shit of my own to deal with without worrying about  things that mean nothing to me anymore.  I want him to leave me alone.  Forever.  I decide I will text him back with a ‘What do you want from me?  I have enough shit of my own to deal with right now without having to ponder your cryptic messages.  I don’t care why you and David were so close.  Are you going to tell me you were lovers? Bullshit.’ and hit send.  I get a response, not 2 seconds later (why can’t good guys respond so quickly I wonder?) with a petulant ‘sorry I contacted you’.  Yup, you’d think that would be the end of it, right?  That I’d be done.  I’d not have to deal with him anymore, right?  Ha!  I give it 2 weeks before he’s back to it.

Nice to know I’m so unforgettable.  With dickheads.  With good guys, apparently it works the opposite……….


17 Responses to “Make Him Stop Already”

  1. Surrey gal Says:

    What is it about women that want to help men (assholes; or tools perhaps?) so badly? It never works, does it…

    I’m not sure I follow, David is a man, and your ex is a man? Right? Or did you try to help him get over being gay? 😛

    Either way, I’m only shaking my head, it all sucks, we want the guys WE want to chase us, not the ones we don’t give toss about, don’t we! Why can’t we have it our way?

  2. mysterycoach Says:

    Damn, this sucks… I feel ya. You’re right keep ignoring him. I had an ex call me on my birthday and every bad feeling I ever felt being with him was dug up within seconds. I was furious at the intrusion in my life. ugh… Nope, no contact is good contact that’s for sure…. and good riddance.

    • mysterycoach Says:

      Oh it was years ago and the call on my birthday was a year afterwards. I wasn’t clear, wanted to correct it … 🙂

      • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

        Guys are a bit deluded if they thing were happy to hear from them after they’ve been shitty (women too for that matter)

  3. everevie Says:

    I could write a variation on this very same topic. I hope you know that I know exactly how you are feeling. It’s infuriating to continually be brought back again and again to those negatvie memories and feelings.

    It’s invasive. It’s rude. And it points to their core: Selfish and uncaring.

    And it’s frustrating too…that, yes, the ones we really want to contact us don’t.

    I’m sorry. 😦

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Selfish describes him to a T! Eh, I should be used to it by now I guess…..

      • everevie Says:

        No…you should never get used to people being assholes to you!!

        • mysterycoach Says:

          I agree with Evie… find out if you can block his number from the phone company. Pfft… that’s too much emotional duress. I had my phone number changed at one point. I wasn’t havin that. My ticker can’t take it LOL 🙂

          Evie’s right too.. at no point do you allow a person to pull this nonsense like they gotta right to… (this type of thing is a personal trigger for me, I just hate when they do that)

          • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

            nope, you can’t block a specific number from your phone. believe me, i’ve looked into it …

  4. rago007 Says:

    Sometimes, i could see why people choose to become nuns or priests, they don’t have to deal with this shit! I personally think he sounds like an ass and definately not worth your time, and his ” sorry i contacted you” thing makes it seem like he is trying to get pity from you by making you seem like a monster, but you arent ! good for you that you asked him wtf he wants 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      It’s as if you’ve met him 😉 You pegged him right on! Thank you so much for the nice comment and support. He is an ass and always was. I just didn’t see it at the time.

      I’m so glad you stopped by!

      • rago007 Says:

        I write about the same sort of stuff in my blog so i could see where you are coming from! Love is blind, and sadly guys are pretty good manipulators! But anytime 🙂 girls gotta stick together, especially when it’s true!:D

        • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

          I will absolutely be checking out your blog! You’re right, we girls do have to stick together; otherwise we’d go nuts! 🙂

          • rago007 Says:

            Feel free to comment with negative or positive feedback if you do read it 🙂 and I agree Guys always say girls get pmsy.. well key word in premenstral is MEN .. cant live with them , yet cant live without them

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