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Whoever Guessed 23 Hours Wins!!!! May 11, 2011

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That dumb fucker text messaged me again this morning.  Twice.  To try to push my buttons with his totally fabricated ‘newsflash’ of having a gay relationship with his best friend 15 years ago.   Aside from that being a ginormous crock of shit (just like everything else that comes out of his mouth), I’m not sure how I can make it more clear to him that I don’t care what he does, what he did, who he did it with or what the consequences were.  I don’t care.  He missed his chance to have me care.  I did once.  He took advantage of that. 

Guess I’m back to ignoring him.  Or re-invoking that awesome restraining order that I had way back when. 

Ain’t life grand?


One Response to “Whoever Guessed 23 Hours Wins!!!!”

  1. everevie Says:

    Damn Gina! He’s starting to piss me off too!

    Zak just offered me the most incredible thing: If my stalker doesn’t stop the texting/calling…I’m gonna give Zak his number and he’s gonna spam the shit outta him til he get’s the message. LOL.

    Ahh…chivalry still exists. 🙂

    If you want…I’ll send Zak your way too.

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