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Why I Don’t Always Totally Suck May 12, 2011

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As last night was a rough one for me, I have decided to make a list of things that I must remember when I get down.  Yup, yet another list. 😉

1) When I do actually suck, I am able to laugh at myself

2) I do not live in a cardboard box.  I live in a nice house that I worked hard to pay for.  Myself.

3) I have 3 awesome pups ~ okay, well 2 awesome ones and 1 pain in the ass, but anyway …….

4) Although I have the knees of a 90 year old, I am still able to get around like most everyone else (aside from the tripping over nothing and other general clutziness)

5) I am able to do what I love for a living

6) Although I hate my 2nd job, I am lucky to have it in that they put up with my nutty schedule, provide benefits & give me 4 weeks paid time off a year (big dummies)

7) I have been lucky enough to know some amazing people in my life

8.) I have been unlucky enough to know some not so amazing people in my life, but I can recognize that and let them go ……. away ……. quickly

9) Not everyone can say they have had the same obsessive stalker for almost 14 years (i’m just that awesome apparently)

10) Sure, my family sucks, but at least I have a family

11) I am usually able to match my clothes properly

12) I am able to laugh at a hell of a lot of things that others might not ‘get’

13) I do my animal rescue, for purely selfish reasons, but know that I make a difference at least for that day in a sweet pup’s life

14) I am fairly resilient

15) I am self-sufficient

16) I am able to laugh at myself and not take myself (or most things) so seriously

17) When I do get down, or blue, or pissy it usually doesn’t last very long

18) I am independent and able to take care of myself (i just don’t want to all of the time)

19) I am trying to let go of my furor over my parents not making me independently wealthy

20) I refuse to give up on my quest for everything that I want out of life (i’m just apparently taking my own sweet time in doing so)

21) I know my limitations and the fact that not all of the things listed above are constant 😉

22) I had a bologna sandwich for lunch today ….. slathered in mayo……..on white bread …… and it was damn good 🙂

23) Although I say I hate internet dating (and I really kinda do) and feel like I’m just spinning my wheels (’cause I really sorta am), I will be back at it again in a couple of weeks with a refreshed attitude and outlook.  Until I start meeting the dumbasses again and then I’ll just be pissy and blog about it some more 😉


12 Responses to “Why I Don’t Always Totally Suck”

  1. mysterycoach Says:

    This is great 🙂 l like it a lot…

  2. Haunted_Doc Says:

    cute and amusing 🙂 22. just cracked me up 😉 good going!

  3. everevie Says:

    You forgot:

    24). I’m a great writer.
    25). I have an awesome blog.
    26.) I can hold my liquor.
    27). Evie likes me.
    28). I can vacation by myself.

    Heehee…You totally DON’T suck.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Oooh I forgot about being able to hold my liquor! I am truly gifted in that regard 😉

    • Evie,

      Excellent follow-up. I was wondering what to add when I read this a few days ago, then other e-mails pushed it out of sight. I think for #27, we can add a bunch of additional people to the list…don’t be selfish — you don’t get to the only person that like Grey! 🙂

      • Grr, I get sooo annoyed with myself when I hit the button without first re-reading for obvious missing words and letters.

        Mind you, in a work environment, I’ve done much worse than simply having people scratch their head to figure out which word is missing. Once, I received an e-mail from Person A and explained to my boss in a reply why we shouldn’t follow the recommendation because of some long list of mistakes made by Person A. Only to discover I hit and not . Oops.

        • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

          no worries Sean, I always leave entire words out. Even after I proofread. We’re kinda ‘special’ that way. 😉

  4. Surrey gal Says:

    I’m proud of you that you are counting yoru blessings!!

    And now off I go to have a very unhealthy bologna sandwich, you made me hungry!

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