43 & Single – Heaven Help Me, I've Resorted To Internet Dating!

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Grading Miss Cleo 5-14 May 14, 2011

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Leo May 14 2011 You are normally an assertive person, Leo. You are quick-witted, brave, creative, and you don’t back down from a challenge. No one thinks of you as a wallflower. However, there could be someone you are dealing with now who has made you look more like a pussycat than then the king of the jungle. Why is that? It might be that something about this person calls forth some of your deepest insecurities. You may fear that this person is tougher than you, smarter than you, or more resourceful than you. But you are wrong. It is time now to roar and show what you are made of. —

**hmmm, not sure this applies to internet dating, but certainly could**


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