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Do Your Jobs People May 18, 2011

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Damn am I in a bad mood today.  Still wondering about stupid ass 5 hour date idiot isn’t helping either.  It’s only 9:30am here.  I’ve been working since 4am.  I’ve been doing my job.  Like I’m supposed to.  Why the hell can’t others do theirs?  I don’t give a shit if your job doesn’t affect anyone else ~ have it at.  Screw up all you want, but when your job directly impacts another’s ability to do theirs, then man the fuck up and work. 

Why am I in such a lovely mood?  I was out working my 2nd job this morning, attempting to finish up for the week as I have a shitpot of catering coming up.  My 2nd job (which we all know I hate) has a technical side to it.  Well apparently the software department for the company decided to do a ‘secret’ download last night which fucked up mine (and 2,000 other people’s) abilities to get their jobs done.  Great.  The best part?  They didn’t bother mentioning it to anyone!  Possibly hoping we might not notice?  Now correct me if I’m wrong, but software people are supposed to be computer savvy, right?  Do they not know how to compose and send out an e mail to warn everyone that ‘oopsie’ they screwed up and if you try and do your job today, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

So while I’m trying to get my job done today, it now will flop over into tomorrow.   Ya’ know what else just flopped into tomorrow?  A fucking luncheon for 30 people.  Yup, got a text at 8am this morning to see if I could be ready by 10am tomorrow.  Are you kidding me people?  This is a group that does this to me ALL THE TIME!  I don’t know if they take advantage of the fact that I’m so accommodating or what, but damn it, why can’t you plan ahead and give me some notice?

Needless to say, job #2 which i can’t get done today and will have to do tomorrow now gets pushed into Friday, which will make it pretty impossible for me to be able to get everything else done.  Anyone want to be me for a day?  It’s fucking exhausting.

Add to this the fact that I have been leaving messages for my doctor for 5 days now that I need an RX refill called in for my crappy knees and do you think he’s done it?  If I don’t take my stupid meds every day, then my knees hurt like hell.  Not a tough thing right?  Call the doctor.  It’s his job, right?  Well his nurse says the pharmacy hasn’t faxed a request; the pharmacy says they’ve faxed one multiple time.  Ya’ know what?  I don’t give a shit who did what or didn’t do what, just someone pull their heads out of their ass and make this shit happen!

Holy hell, I hope none of you live anywhere near Phoenix today as I am not a pleasant person to be around. 😦  I need a vacation.  Or a bike ride.  Or to just get drunk.  Even better, I need a bike ride while being drunk on vacation. 🙂

Sorry for my vent.   This isn’t how I like to be and I’m sure it’s no fun for anyone to read.  sorry 😦 Oh, and just for the record, I actually took about 6 swear words out of this post ………


8 Responses to “Do Your Jobs People”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    The world is not against you…it just seems that way.
    I feel better about my life–compared to yours.


    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      😉 glad I could help ……. I’ve had friends tell me that it would be exhausting to live inside my head for just an hour ……. 😦

  2. everevie Says:

    That sucks. All of it. I keep thinking what a good idea it was of you to take some time off of dating. Can you imagine throwing that into the mix this week?

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      OMG, hell no I can’t imagine even thinking about going on a date for the next 10 days …… I’ll be lucky if I have time to sleep (always time to blog though) 😉

  3. One of the special ways you make your blog interesting is how you build one thing on another. In its simplest (and very funny) form, there was this today: ” I need a vacation. Or a bike ride. Or to just get drunk. Even better, I need a bike ride while being drunk on vacation.” [[Which will still be a mystery to many readers]] In its more complex form, its the succession of posts (often with increasingly humorous levels of exasperation) in a 1-2 day period.

    By the way, you know that if you want the vacation (and stuff), you have to stop all these customers from — darn them — making bookings when you could be flying off into the unknown for some excitement. After all, do you really need money? Really? OK, yes, you do. But, sssh, because that deflates my point fairly comprehensively…

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      😉 Thanks Sean. You always leave such nice comments. I just write how I talk. And how I live. Each day is interconnected to the other and yes, I’m almost always exasperated (or exasperating, depending on whom you ask) 😉

      Funny how that work/income thing pans out. Here’s my mindset though. For every year I work more than I should or need to, that will hopefully be one less year I’ll need to work in the long run. Unless of course, I work myself to death in which case it’s all a moot point. 😉

  4. Lol… I know how you feel. At my previous work, whenever we had computer problems (which could be anything from once a week to several times a day) we would call the tech department and their reply would always be (and I mean ALWAYS): Did you try restarting?

    Seriously!! If I need to restart my computer three times a day then something is definitely wrong. And you’re supposed to fix it! On top of that, many of the people in the department were the types who didn’t use the enter key, but HAD to drag the mouse and double click on whatever icon. Geez!!!

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