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I Wish ……….. May 19, 2011

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compliments of Click 😉


7 Responses to “I Wish ………..”

  1. Ok, so being the “town bicycle” is a challenge; Phoenix is a growing city.

    Funniest thing was the post title though… 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Haha, you probably thought this would be full of deep and meaningful crap like world peace. 😉

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    Ellen: I hope I am right.

    Being the town bicycle or feeling like one…do not try.

    Jaye—be strong—be yourself

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      okay, maybe I don’t want to be the town bicycle, but it would be nice to at least have the option of giving a few rides should I so choose 😉

  3. Ha-Ha…. I was actually to say “you wish” when I sent it, but, I ah… didn’t want to rub it in 😉

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