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Take A Breath Dude ……. May 19, 2011

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Well, back by popular demand, I am posting just a couple grammatically challenged profiles that I came across this evening.  What?  Just ’cause I’m on a break from dating doesn’t mean I can’t window shop, does it?  These little gems seems to be the polar opposite of ‘mr period happy’ from the other day.  Instead of inserting a period after every 3rd word, these gentlemen seem to be saving theirs up.  For what, I have no idea. 😉  Please enjoy:

This is what one winner put under the ‘who he’s looking for’ section.  Apparently he was in a hurry and had time to neither capitalize nor punctuate properly ……..

someone that doesnt have a bunch of bagage and wants to be loved and spoiled wants to be with her man and not into going out to the bars .someone who likes to ride on the back of my harley and go boating someone who doesnt mind public affection

And then there is this one that really just makes me exhausted to read:

 looking for a sweet and stand up fun energetic easy but firm says what she feels understanding funloving smiles and more smiles can walk the walk and talk thoughtfull and sincere. like to go to church outdoors traveling roadtrips spur of the moment quality time alone good movie ,conversation ,dancing dining out cooking and a real close friend.

Could you even imagine trying to have a conversation with either of these two?  Holy cow!  It’s slim pickins I tell ya’ …….. And by the way, why does the 2nd guy want someone who goes to an outdoor church? 😉


Oh, and for some annoying reason (off topic), I cannot pull up any of my subscriptions today 😦 so can’t check in with anyone (as I’m not smart enough to be able to remember the ‘real’ blog names for anyone.  Boo. 😦


2 Responses to “Take A Breath Dude …….”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    Lovely—your mind goes a mile a minute

    I hope you will check my work out. I would love your opinion.


  2. everevie Says:

    LOLOLOL!! Wow…this is what it’s come down to? I could never…I mean, I might be into alcoholic, abusive felons…but I’ll be damned if they are bad at grammar and punctuation!

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