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The End Of An Era May 19, 2011

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It’s a sad sad day at my household.  😦  I’m not quite sure what to do about what happened tonight, but I need to process it all.  You know how you get so used to something that you absolutely love that you sort of take it for granted?  Assuming, willy nilly, that it will be there forever.  Whenever you need it.  I realize that people get taken for granted all the time and for the exact same reasons.  I never thought I would be one to take anything for granted.  I am sincerely grateful for all that I have.  I have worked hard to get where I am (which isn’t anywhere all that spectacular, but still……..).  I am a little bit sad that I never recognized this side of my personality.  That I could take something so for granted that when it was no longer there for me, I wouldn’t actually have a Plan B.  That’s a pretty tough pill for me to swallow.  I thought I was better than that.  I always have a Plan B.  I am always able to think on my toes.  I rarely get caught off guard (unless of course, we’re talking about douchey guys and  then I’m just a big friggin’ moron most of the time, but I digress).  I just SO didn’t expect this to happen.  Not ever and especially not tonight, when I needed it most.  It’s almost painful for me to even think about it, but I know I must.  It served me well for more than a decade.  I loved it dearly.  It passed before it’s time and for that I am saddened.  I never truly appreciated it until it was gone.  That’s a terrible feeling.

I have no idea how I am ever going to replace this little piece of my heart.  I am trying to be strong, but it’s hard.  I just have no idea how I am ever going to make such a spectacular grilled cheese sandwich again.  You see, my favorite sandwich press bit the dust tonight.  Out of the blue.  Just up and crossed over the grilled cheese machine rainbow bridge mid melty stage.  I did not cry.  I was strong.  I turned to the only man who could help me get through such an ordeal in my time of need.  George.  My mini George Foreman Mean Lean Grillin’ Machine. 

I am trying my best to be strong.  I know it wouldn’t want me to cry.  I will miss you beloved sandwich press.  Although I love George, he just can’t hold a candle to you.  You will be missed …………


14 Responses to “The End Of An Era”

  1. Leading us on a little bit? 🙂

  2. jgavinallan Says:

    Oh! This is so sad. You tried to hide your hurt behind sarcasm…but it hurts just the same.

    Be strong


  3. izziedarling Says:

    Meh! So sad for your loss. Shall I send flowers … or another press?

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I’m thinking of starting a charity in it’s honor ….. i’ll keep you posted as to where you can send donations 🙂

  4. Surrey gal Says:

    Oh, get lost you cruel woman! I really thought you lost something dear to your heart!!! 😀

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      😦 sorry Surrey Gal but it was dear to my heart. I’ll never be able to have a grilled cheese again without thinking of all the good times we shared 😉

  5. Tipsy Lucy Says:

    What did we do before George? LOL!
    My condolences on the passing of your sweet grill.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      🙂 thank you for your condolences, Tipsy. the pain is lessening, but still…. and yes, George always seems to be there for you in a pinch 😉

  6. Can you make grilled cheese on a George Forman? I have one of those, but you’ll be shocked to know it is still in the box.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Of course you can make grilled cheese on George. You wouldn’t want to soil your pristine machine though, so it’s best left in the box. Safe and sound. 🙂

  7. everevie Says:

    I know there isn’t a lot I can say in a situation like this, to ease your pain. I wish I had the words to make your day a little brighter…but such tragedy has almost rendered me mute.

    However, for you…I will muster the courage to offer my sympathy:

    Woe! Oh woe! The brilliance of the sun has dimished a bit today…the world has become a little less wondrous…and my heart has become a little heavier in my chest.

    Dear, dear Ellen…just know…please know…I am here for you in your time of trouble. And remember…someday you may cross that rainbow bridge and your sandwich press will be there…with all your lovely crossed-over kitchen accessories. Your press is no longer smudged, scratched, broken…your press is on the other side, doing what it was born to do: Pressing sandwiches.

    Hold onto that image…and go home and pull close your blender, your food-processor…and tell them how you feel about them.

    My heart is with you…sigh….

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