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Hmmm, Maybe I Spoke Too Soon May 22, 2011

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Maybe I’m not ready to re-enter the cesspool of online dating just yet.  I just logged on to read the e-mail that Mr-I-Rated-You-5-Stars sent me and yeah, I’m not loving him.  I’m wavering between thinking he’s a pompous ass or just that he’s a big ole’ douchebag and this is his idea of a ‘form’ message.  Mind you, while reading it, that my profile says absolutely nothing about camping, so no clue why he went off on that tangent.  And while it ends a bit charmingly self-deprecating, the rest of it just sort of makes him sound like an ass.  You decide:

Well what do you know? Great minds think alike!

What a pleasant surprise! I figured this site was full of false profiles and/or people who were looking to banter idly while life rushes past them.

I am a little more of a camper than hotel guy but only because it makes the hotel than much more sweet when I am there. I really like the Westin’s Heavenly Mattress too bad they are not allowed as carry on luggage.

Would it make sense for us to exchange emails and/or cell#s to continue a dialog in a less than asynchronous fashion?

I use big words to over compensate for my low self-esteem and massive feelings of inadequacy or just like the word asynchronous. 😛

Now I won’t bother telling you that my response to him was a little bit harsh and that while I did commend him on his big vocabulary, that the use of his word of choice struck me as a way to just ‘talk above’ people.  And I did inform him that although I have a decent vocabulary myself, that I seldom use it to ‘stump’ people.  I may have also asked him if he even bothered to read my profile as his message has nothing to do with anything that I have in there and that I am, in fact, more of a hotel gal than a camping one.  If he responds back, he may be up the challenge that is me these days, but I’m guessing that my less than mooning response won’t prompt a quick reply 😉

I mean really?  Does this stuff usually work for him?  Too bad his profile was actually a bit entertaining.  Pretty sure though that this was a copy and paste from some other profile he contacted that did happen to mention camping ……. weirdo.


12 Responses to “Hmmm, Maybe I Spoke Too Soon”

  1. jgavinallan Says:

    El: Run—do not walk in the opposite direction


    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Heehee! He actually did write back and yup, my 1st impression was right on. He’s a total ass (but thinks he’s funny) …..

  2. I’ve said it before and this is another one: Run for the hills!

  3. Surrey gal Says:

    Aren’t you bored with him emails and pompous words? But it will be interesting to see what and if he replies 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      To tell the truth, SG, I’m just plain bored with it all!

    • He uses “banter” and “asynchronous” and thinks he’s using “big words.” At the same time, his punctuation and grammar is clumsy. He’s reaching but not succeeding…

      • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

        sort of like declaring that you’re an alpha male when you’re anything but 🙂 sounds sorta familiar….

  4. Lol… I love you attitude towards hopeless men. Did you ever consider making a business out of writing replies to guys like that? I’m sure many women would be happy to pay for a snappy comeback service 🙂

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      🙂 Thanks BAS. I just get so sick of the big ole’ tools that contact me.

      Hmmm, must think of a name for this newly discovered business 😉

  5. stevesw Says:

    “Would it make sense for us to exchange emails and/or cell#s to continue a dialog in a less than asynchronous fashion?”

    Strange sentence. Is he trying to empress you? He gets an ‘F;’ as am not sure why he would say your communication is not synchronized. I think he looked the word up in the dictionary and thought it sounded intelligent, mysterious, and sexy. But probably he’s a computer geek and, in an attempt to communicate with a real woman, he is misusing the word.

    PS. We bumped themes again with ‘death,’ so I’ll give you some inside information, my next post should be about chewing gum on dates. ;-).

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I sure hope he wasn’t trying to impress me as it sort of did the opposite. Funny, I’m not a big fan of pompous idiots…..

      Gum chewing is all yours! Although I am a bit nervous to read it – i do chew gum on dates and I know it’s a terrible habit! 😉

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