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Grading Miss Cleo 5-25 May 25, 2011

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Leo May 25 2011 Take heart, Leo. You may be overwhelmed by work or other issues that are taking up too much of your personal time. You might even be wondering how you will ever have a “life” with all you have to do and all the pressure you are feeling right now. And while this is a busy, evolutionary time for you – it is also one that is filled with enormous promise, and there are many hopeful possibilities just ahead on the horizon. Don’t give up. Plow ahead and you will find that your burden eases up very quickly, and you will soon forget how heavy a load you were carrying.

Damn, I hope she’s right! 🙂 But I’m wondering what the heck I’m supposed to be evolving regarding ’cause I think I may have glossed over that part……


One Response to “Grading Miss Cleo 5-25”

  1. jgavinallan Says:


    Everybody gives advice…even me…Mine is…don;t take advice.


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