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Omelette Anyone? May 25, 2011

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Yesterday can be summed up in this little ‘scene’ that happened towards the end of my day.  As I was driving home from the grocery store at 7pm after working since 4am (yes, lucky you, I can blog post from my phone as it’s the only thing that keeps me somewhat sane during days like today).  So finally on the way home!  Yey me!  Turn the corner onto my street to hear *crunch*.  Nope, didn’t get in an accident.  Did even get a flat tire.  What I did get, however was a big ole’ watermelon rolling over a dozen eggs in the back seat of my car.  Good times people.  Good times. 😉  Luckily, it has set the bar very very low for tomorrow to be a better day.


Oh, and Travis (see previous posts) likes to take his damn sweet time to respond to  2 line messages as he decided, after waiting a cool 48 hours, to send me one back………. really?  At this rate maybe we can set up a time to meet sometime mid November ………


5 Responses to “Omelette Anyone?”

  1. Surrey gal Says:

    I’m sorry I laugh at your disaster 😀

  2. jgavinallan Says:


    Forget everything…light some candles and take a loooooong hot bath.

    love from Jaye

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