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What A Way To Start The Day May 25, 2011

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So as I was trolling perusing Match.com last night, I came across a terrific profile.  Tall, blonde and just sounded like a really good guy.  A good head on his shoulders, a good heart and a generally good outlook on life.  I was not only surprised that I couldn’t find anything wrong with what he wrote (as I can do that with just about anyone), but he has the cutest smile ever!  Eh, what the hell?  I’ll write him a quick note, couldn’t hurt right?  So I write my simple, ‘you seem like a terrific guy with a great outlook on life.  oh and your very nice smile doesn’t hurt either, blah blah’ and off to bed I go expecting never to hear from him again as is par for the course.

Well much to my surprise and pleasure this morning, I had a message waiting from him!  Yey!  Not only is he attractive (to me) and sounds great, but he doesn’t play the stupid ‘let’s wait 4 days to reply (if ever)’ game.  I was already planning out our 1st date, our impending romance and our future wedding complete with nice house, dog and picket fence.   Finally!  A good one!  So with a big ole’ smile on my face I open his message:

Thank you for the reply. After reading your profile, I think there are a lot a qualities that match up with us, but I am not sure that there would be enough to look further into the future. I do wish you the best in your search for a great guy in your life.

No clue if this is his stock answer that he sends out to people that he’s not interested in, but of course I translated it into me-speak of: ”Thanks for the contact, but I find you neither interesting, intelligent, attractive nor worthy of  my time to at least attempt to see if we in fact might have something potentially good’

Huh, not a good way to start the day after all.  Oh well, at least he took the time to send his nice kiss off. 😦


14 Responses to “What A Way To Start The Day”

  1. Two words… Douche bag!

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      I can’t figure out if I prefer for them just to ignore my messages if they aren’t interested (and then I can just imagine that they’re really married, or ugly or socially retarded) or flat out telling me ‘no thanks’ ….. hmmm

  2. mysterycoach Says:


  3. jgavinallan Says:

    I was going to say…things were going to get better…due to your great sense of humor. But, I forgot everything else when I saw those heels.
    hates running in heels.Do they come in a 5 aaa


  4. Pammy Girl Says:

    That is SUCH a dick move. I’d prefer not to get any type of response than something as cold and heartless as that.

  5. cateohara Says:

    I’ve often felt guilty about not replying to an email. I now know I would much prefer to be ignored, than to get a form letter stock response. This is pretty awful.

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Yeah, I’m thinking it’s best to just say nothing and then we can make up whatever scenario in our heads that makes us feel less like shit 😉

  6. rago007 Says:

    Clearly if they think you aren’t interesting they should read your blog 🙂 it’s definately interesting! And as for the guy thing, he sounds like a bore anyway, it’s true what they say ,.. you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before prince charming! Personally , I think you should take the dog and the white picket fence over the man, atleast dogs could follow instructions! LOL (jk to any males who read this)

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      Aww, thanks Queen! Your’e sweet. Yeah, his loss.

      I’ve already got the dogs …… and I’ve certainly kissed more than my share (and many others’) of frogs ….. 😉

  7. Surrey gal Says:

    I think it was a standard reply he sends to those girls that he is – for whatever reasons – not interested in.
    I also think it’s better just to ignore emails from people we don’t want to get involved with – there is no reason to send “bla bla bla” like the blond one did. What for?

    • Grey Goose, Dirty Says:

      well that would be so that he could make himself feel better while making me feel worse 😉

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